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  1. Thanks i'm working on a new edit. I'm going to give the best work longer shots.
  2. Yeah I render a 3min music video in animation at 100% that was about 13gb. So animation files are pretty large.
  3. http://www.amazon.com/After-Effects-Illusi...e/dp/0240811453 I'm thinking about picking it up. Has anyone read it?
  4. Try making a motion piece using text... something quick 5-10 seconds text animation
  5. wow so many good sites.... great thread
  6. thanks can never have 2many vector resources ill add this to my bookmarks
  7. cool reel I like the format it shows your work and shows you very nice job
  8. nice work man the black paint coming off the car was sick... I think they were particles
  9. This is my 2009 reel any feedback/critique would be greatly appreciated http://vimeo.com/5194755 least favorite piece? most favorite piece? take something out? add something? more of something? less of something?
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