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  1. Huh. A mograph specific phishing scheme? Go figure.
  2. Wait, when you say quicklooks works again are you talking about all the legacy formats they abandoned a few years back? If so, I'm finally contemplating updating from 10.8.5.
  3. Found it! For anyone that's interested : http://editudeshop.com/products-page/commercial_plugins/lonlat-v2/
  4. Hey guys, maybe I'm imagining things but I remember seeing a plugin a few years back that allowed C4D to generate a globe or map with easy to select countries that could be textured, extruded and animated. I can't seem to find it online anywhere, does anyone else remember seeing this?
  5. Spence

    Long Overdue

    Thanks for the thoughtful feedback Binky, you've given me a lot to think about. I have to say your feedback is probably the biggest reason why I still come back to this site after all these years. I'm definitely going to revisit the edit and tighten things up a bit. I'll see what I have to replace the NBA shot, and the last section of the CBS spot as well.
  6. Spence

    Long Overdue

    After a long 3 years I've decided to update my website and reel. I'd love to get some feedback, especially from a certain cat-avatar'ed fount of wisdom. www.AlexanderRupert.com
  7. I'm on 10.8.5 for the colored tags, as well as to avoid the annoying auto-converting when using spacebar previews in finder.
  8. I'll second the retina MBP. I'm using the 2012 2.6ghz model and everything aside from C4D rendering is silky smooth. My favorite thing about these newer MBP models is the lack of overheating that so many laptops suffer from. I can push this thing to the limit and still have it sit comfortably on my lap.
  9. Oh wow, Sagmeister's doing something other than brag about his sabbaticals.
  10. How does the pay in London compare to major american cities? I was thinking of heading over there this fall, but I've heard mixed things.
  11. I haven't tried them yet myself, but it looks like Kendo shaders should do what you're after.
  12. Seems like it was laid out better before. I guess you can never make everyone happy.
  13. Thanks for the info Todd. I'll try disabling the cache markings now.
  14. Good to know I'm not the only one. On a potentially related note. I'm finding that I have to constantly clear my cache or else AE's menus and shortcuts slow to a halt. I know this used to be an issue with prior versions, but I'm fully up to date. It could potentially be related to duik as I haven't run into it with other recent projects that haven't been using it.
  15. I've been using DUIK 14's animation expression panel quite a bit recently with AE CC and I've been noticing a huge amount of slowdown whenever I parent one layer to another that has one of the DUIK expressions applied to it. It's almost as if it's doing some heavy math on every frame instead of just where keyframes are present. I'm not sure if this is the fault of AE or of DUIK, but I don't remember this happening with prior versions (of both AE and of DUIK). Has anyone else encountered the same problem?
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