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  1. If you make a living on your computer, or use it for a decent amount of time each day, you owe it to yourself to get an SSD for OS/applications. The little bit of premium you pay is completely worth it as of 2011 here. This is telling: all of us were once on the fence about it. Now I'd venture to say that 95% of people who've installed and used an SSD will NEVER own a computer without one again.
  2. I assume you want to focus on design, because it's many times better than what animation you've shown - the countdown. It doesn't flow well, the keyframes could use more fundamentals lovin', some anticipation, ease and momentum. Great concept and visual execution, though maybe you have other animations that are more polished. Really don't have anything bad to say about the boards. The bold concepts are sick, and look really fresh. I noticed you have a mix of design types already. One thing you should ask yourself and decide on now, if you haven't already, is what type of work do you really want to do? Corporate product/brand and television motion design, or web and interface designs. Go do it, nothing else... unless you need cash temporarily. In all, you're a good designer, clearly with some work already and probably connects at DK, so that's a good place to be.
  3. You're on the right track with your reel. To echo what killa said, the gunbird piece was your best thing on here, I think. Polish that bad boy up. Specifically spend several hours on the keyframes, easing and fine-tuning them all. Frame by frame. Pop open AE's graph editor and force yourself to learn it if you don't. What I do to help fine-tune the pacing of stuff is visualize it in my head and think about sound effects for each part of the animation. It's like playing with GI Joe action figures all over again. In your head. Your gun bird already looks bad ass, now make it move bad ass too. Aside from that, I say ditch the last half of 'play the reel' on the motion graphics piece. It's a 2 second low point where nothing impressive happens. Anyway, keep it up man and keep and having fun!
  4. If anything, the beard carries some street cred is this industry. Rock that all day long.
  5. This FCP to AE can be an amazing time saver. For me, it's particularly handy for chroma work. Once you edit an entire green screen sequence in FCP, in less than 1 minute you'll have every single shot on a separate layer in an AE comp and referencing source footage. No exporting or transcoding. From here, you can easily copy keylight settings to similar angles without having to break up an export or something.
  6. This thread wins. All the day mountain bike rides and beach trips really cut into productivity. Freelancing in-house is a great way to stay productive and learn from people. Plus I get to build relationships and in turn get commissioned more often. Also - Having the ability to choose projects I think will be exciting, challenging and rewarding is priceless. Though this isn't always the case when money's tight! Or when you want to buy a sweet new lens or something.
  7. Yeah man, nice work... you have a cool style going. I like seeing different styles from different parts of the world. I can't comment much about the content because you're better than me, but I have a few suggestions for the reel. In general, it's too long... you have lots of work, yes... but some shots are repeated or just plain stay on the screen too long. This could easily be a 1:30 - 1:45 reel and it would impress so much more. Ditch the hotlink white text animation in my opinion, and only use one of the 10 feel good years shots. Another suggestion: your reel intro and the first two animations look a bit amateur compared to the rest. It's fine to keep them in there, but perhaps they go later in the reel, and you might want to consider making a different intro for yourself at some point. Great job man keep rocking it.
  8. I did actually end up watching the whole video, and I must say - it was done really well. I felt like, the whole way through the style didn't become stagnant. You transitioned in different ways, changed colors and theme all the way to the end. Little details added a lot, like the guitar animation correctly matching the pitch shifts, etc For quite a while I thought about different ways to achieve that effect in AE, out of curiosity... but didn't really come up with a good way to do it short of hundreds of comps, haha. Would you care to share your workflow for that?
  9. Great reel man, I think it is very strong as a finishing student. I like the blue train/plane stuff, nice and clean. I noticed one piece you showed several times with the stacking look... influenced much by "My Paper Mind"? And there was a Bonnaroo spot made like that as well. You might find this article about the effect interesting: http://www.leftbrainwritebrain.com/no-ideas-required/ Cheers
  10. Nice materials and textures. Also, the package model looks solid. Thanks Binky for the detailed response that applies to something I'm working on now... and really all of us on any project too.
  11. Cool, that makes sense. Your site is easy to use and I think the overall impression is that you're talented. The difference between your reel and boards kind of looks like a year and a half of huge improvement. Maybe you can take some time to animate out some boards to up the quality of your motion reel. Just a thought, cheers!
  12. Your board designs are really strong. Were they just pitches or something that didn't end up getting animated and so you didn't include them in the reel? It seems like you have a lot of talent but it doesn't come across in the reel at all. Part of it is the slow music in the beginning which has zero energy. Also, the destination truth shot of the falling cards was a weird choice, considering the other cool board designs for that one. Enlighten me here, thanks for sharing.
  13. culpfiction


    Wow man, you have such a sweet style. I've been seeing a ton of great designers from South America lately... what do you guys know that we don't?! How to be awesome, I guess. Anyway, the first half up past the snowboarding piece is something that is to be aspired to, in my opinion. It's absolutely fantastic. After that it does drag a bit, feels a little long, and there are a couple of shots which feel amateur compared to the rest: the red and white f0000 shot, and budweiser lasers to be specific. Thanks.
  14. I missed this whole exchange, but as Leah said, she asked me about it first - and in fact I was excited about her doing it, knowing it would be harsh. I asked to be ripped apart here in the first place. To have someone critique my work shot-by-shot is very encouraging. Leah is a talented designer. And may I speak authoritatively for the rest of us who are working hard to break into this industry in a real way - we respect the personal/subjective/objective opinions of any talented designer. Whether it contains crude language or is spoken condescendingly isn't even a factor - not that I took it that way at all. Honest, objective feedback is hard to come by. So, hopefully a few sour grapes won't distract you from helping more people in the future, as much as you've helped me. It would be a shame if you never again swore at someone's reel and recorded it!
  15. He means, which project did you work on in that showreel, and what role did you play in it? Animation, design, or everything, etc. The reel has many projects in it, and you made it sound like you just finished your first project.
  16. Fantastic work dude! You have a nice variety, and the style/design of it all feels pretty original. The only critique I have is the Rough shot. The motion blur doesn't match the footage, and it feels like a loose track. My first thought was, 'oh, that's a school project'. I'd recommend removing it all together, or at least place it closer to the end to showcase your more solid work in the beginning. Keep it up!
  17. Overall I like it, especially the first 15 seconds. I think you have some weak shots that distract from your solid work, like 'batman, coming up next', green media and quintiles. If you were to remove some of those, and perhaps shorten it up a bit, I think this would come across stronger. Nice work.
  18. Thanks for your feedback guys, it's much appreciated! I plan on doing a re-edit soon to change some of your suggestions, especially removing the lotion shot & afterlife. spikeville, your post has me confused. What are you talking about?
  19. Oooh so YOU'RE the guy who did College Humor and Jake & Amir titles... haha. Good stuff, I always wondered. Your work is great. About the site, I feel that the thumbnails work well. But for me, it's annoying to click 'next' and wait for an image load on each frame within the pop-up window. It might be better suited by scrolling within that pop-up window, and listing all frames vertically or something. Just something so that your fantastic work is more accessible.
  20. Thanks for the feedback fetusface, I'd have no problem ditching those menu shots. The Will Ferrell shot is really basic, not much going on... what I was going for is any sort of name/brand recognition in hopes of giving me street cred. Haha. I completely agree with you about the title intro... I'll think up some ideas and design something clean and interesting.
  21. The alphabet was really great, but even better is your showreel. I love the design and interesting compositions!
  22. Hey all, mad respect to the community here. I want to introduce myself by posting my latest reel, which is all of my best work to date. I am proud of it, and I hope you will rip it apart. I'm currently freelance motion designing, with the goal of finding a job as a (presumably) junior motion designer at a talented studio/design firm. So tell me what you think! Reel: http://www.culpfiction.com Some things I hope to receive feedback on: - what shots you think are best - what shots you think are terrible - what type of work would be beneficial in improving my reel, that I can work on in the future - am I skilled enough to land a full time gig at a talented company? - any other thoughts/critique welcomed! Thanks in advance for your kindness and heartbreakingly cruel critiques.
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