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  1. Hey Everyone, To save me from retyping another post, please see my post at C4Dcafe below for my problem. Getting this banner animation to happen is driving me crazy!! Someone help!!! post link There is a link to the project file in there as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I've tried belting the banner to an object and flying it in and using pose morph to try and get the banner to stop waving, but no dice. I also tried lennart's point cache technique as well with no success. I know there's got to be a way to do this! thanks mographers! Ryan
  2. Hello all, I'm having net render issues stemming from a phantom plugin in my scene. I didn't personally add any plugins, but there may have been one in a model/scene i merged into the project. Regardless, I don't have any plugins on my system, so I get the following error when I open the project. Several plugins used in this scene are missing. Saving may cause loss of plugin data! Plugin 'Group' (ID 1016210) It doesn't seem to effect my scene as long as I'm rendering on my machine alone. However, it gets in the way in Net Render (net render won't even begin rendering the scene on any machine). I don't know of anyway to locate which objects in my scene may be making reference to said plugin. I'm assuming deleting that reference will get me good to go, much like deleting or replacing a missing texture. Anyone have any tips? I'm desperately trying to get this scene rendering as it's a bit of a beast and want to waste as little time as possible to get it going. thanks! Ryan Kehn
  3. Hey Grundly, It wasn't my final, and I have spent some time cleaning up the splines, but am always interested in learning something new! What would you suggest?
  4. JASON!!! You're my hero!! Thanks so much. It's always a checkbox somewhere, isn't it? thanks again!! Best, Ryan
  5. Hey everyone, Got one that I can't seem to get to the bottom of. I have an object traveling along a spine via the Spline Wrap deformer that I am having a hell of a time attaching an external compositing tag to a certain point on the object. Let me be more clear. The reason i'm using the Spline Wrap, is that my object is a Passenger train. rather than go through the trouble of rigging it for the short shot, i just set it up to travel along the spline with spline wrap set to 'keep length' and voila, easy train rig. The train rig is made up of several polygonal objects (an engine, and three cars plus their wheels) that are all grouped together and move along my spline just fine. On one of the passenger cars, I have to spots for 'signs' on the side of the car that i'd like to composite video on in post in AE. When I apply a compositing tag and activate the object buffers, i get those in the render just fine. The problem comes when I want to emply External compositing tags to send nulls to AE. The tags create nulls in the original position of the train, not the position of the train as it moves down the spline. Frustrating. Here's what I've tried. Aside from just applying the external comp tag, I've also tried a little xpresso from some tips i picked up through some other posts. Mainly I've connected nulls to point nodes that are attached to the global position of the signs i want the nulls to attach to. No dice. This would be easy i wanted a null at the front of the train, I could just use an align to spline tag tweaked with an xpresso tag I found over at base80.com and i'd be in business, but since this is in the middle of the train, i'm stuck. Any help would be HUGELY appreciated as I'm at the end of my resources trying to track down a fix for this and I REAAAAAALLY don't want to hand track in AE:) here is a link to a scaled down version of my project: http://web.me.com/rk...rap%20train.zip Happy Thanksgiving to all of you State Side and thanks in advanace for all your advice! Best, Ryan
  6. Hey All, Hoping somebody has some insight on this cause i'm stumped! I've animated a building being constructed with the facade coming together piece by piece using a cloner object. What i'm hoping to do is texture the building facade with one material, but then texture one side with a video overlay. I'd like the video to come together as the building does (if that makes sense). Any thoughts on how to achieve this? Thanks so much! Ryan
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