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  1. In my project I use MULTISHADER and SET SELECTION to define which texture should be applied to which page and to distinguish between front and back. I do not use any condition, sorry
  2. Thanks for quick reply:) In few hours I will try that and let you know about results.
  3. Hi. I am working on magazine animation. As the camera moves in the scene I need to make few page filps. Every page is done as editible cube (has thickness) with cloth tag on. All pages are vertical in Y axis and I animate wind stregth on evey cloth tag in order to flip pages in correct order and in correct time. Front and back textures on every page are different. Here are my problems: While I animate page, the front and back of it seem to go through each other - in some parts of front I see texture that is applied to the back of page. Moreover pages do not collide with each other and as a result they sometimes go through each other. I thought that most of my problems will be solved as I apply cloner object to one page and keeping appropriate space between pages. The disadvantage is that I can not animate each page separately. Do you have any ideas how may I solve described problems? Let me know if you need to see print screen with problem described in point 1. Regadrs
  4. Thanks for your reply. So you think that they recreated the same camera move in studio and in open space by using camera rig? I think that such solution can be very problematic. Morover, cost of such rig must be very high.
  5. Dear All, here is link to commercial that I am wondering on: Mainly I am wondering on how the move of camera in a slow motion was connected with the move of camera looking at the main actor. I suppose BG video was shot with RED in high speed mode and later slown down. Main actor was shot on greenscreen, he does not interact with BG and he is played back with normal speed. My problem is that I do not have an idea how it was made that move and angle of camera looking at the BG is the same as the move and angle of camera looking on the main actor. Cansomebody give me some hint? Regards
  6. Hi. Nikkon also made some models of cameras that allow to record video. Regretably, at the moment only 24fps and two resolutions (720, 480) are available. Regards
  7. I did not think about it... I will try it and let you know.
  8. Of course almost everything can be done by hand but in my opinion it will take way too much time to deform surface of the whole car in that way.
  9. Hi. I need to make a car model to look as old car wracks on junk yard. The most important issue for me is to make all the surfaces randomly deformed. I need to break the curves as if it was crushed from the top and bottom. Things that I have tried: 1. FFD - I used it not for the whole car, but looking from the right view I applied it to the upper half of the car. This allowed me to deform only upper part of the car but what I do not like is the fact that curves are not breaken. 2. I thought about adding shater effect. When used with small percentage values it gave me a look of destroyed paint surface but not deformed. 3. My last idea is to decrease the number of polygons. Could you please give me your comments on this issue. Are there any better ways to achieve that? Regards
  10. Regretably Trapcode Form particles do not move with the background video. You can only add some turbulence to them but this does not look very organic.
  11. Yes, scene file would be very helpful to see how it can be applied. Michal
  12. Thank you guys for your answers. I ensured myself that I can achieve that with After Effects. My first thought was that this kind of well colored, smooth effect can be done only with high-cost application like Autodesk Flame (its build-in particle system). Regards Michal
  13. Just to make things clear: indeed the examples that I attached are still images (these are only one-frame shots from the commercial) but in the commercial they were animated. Regards
  14. Hi. Can you give me a hint what software is used to create this kind of light trails? Have a look at the example: Regards Michal
  15. Thanks for your reply but I think it does not work in that way. I use vRay 1.01. After I wrote this post I found information over Internet that vRay 1.5 has something called 'vRay Light Material' which allows to apply self-illumination to any geometry. Regretably, this is listed as a new feature Strange. Best regards Michal
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