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  1. I can't wait to play pinball.
  2. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=CC+Cylinder
  3. Totally saw it last night. I've been through a crazy Spike Jonze craze lately too. On the whole "theater experience" thing, I had a love/hate relationship for it. I kinda liked the exclusivity of certain times and such, but I hated how I didn't get my email until a few hours before my VIP time was and I totally missed my viewing and had to wait forever. Also the site kept on being jacked up most of the day which was totally ghey, but once it actually started and stuff, I actually enjoyed the whole feel. As far as the movie itself goes... Visually it was beautiful. Very very well done. Couldn't have asked any better of it. What I love about Jonze is that he uses VFX well. He pushes the story with VFX, doesn't carry the story with VFX. The story itself.... it seemed lacking. Like there should have been something deeper than what was there, but there wasn't. Still well done however. I enjoyed. The main actor was brilliant, loved his actings. IMO
  4. But I'll be there fo sho cousins. When is the pinball partay?
  5. Make sure you actually watch the pitch...
  6. It had like, some black and white nonsense. All video. There was a monkey jumping around, freaking REALLY RANDOM CRAP was happening. And ya, it wasn't like a band, it was like some DJ guys or something...
  7. It had a bunch of random old audio clips and was based on like a 50's/60's era soundstage, I've looked all over and I can't find it. Bunch of repeating old audio clips.... umm... had a little girl in it...
  8. Totally true, I remember Nick Cambell saying (it mighta been in one of his Ustream casts) that you don't go to school to learn the technical aspects, go to school to learn the things that don't change, like colour theory and general theories of art. You can learn the technical stuff online for free through sources like Kramer and GreyscaleGorilla. Then apply what you've learned through those tutorials and such to the theories that you've learned. That is what is going to create some good mograph. Now, one problem I see is: (btw I'm self-taught and 18 years old), I do some freelance work here in Vegas ever so often and I charge $20 an hour, but I feel like I'm undercutting the older and more experienced guys because as of right now (I'm a freshmen in college) I am still living at my parent's place (right now) and it is not really necessary to have my job support myself so I can afford to charge lower. I'm wondering if anyone thinks this is improper? But I guess it doesn't really matter; I haven't had work in months... I haven't done work for one studio for a really long time and I think it may be because I'm so young and I think they really want to support the local production scene; everyone is looking for work and such. So there are major downsides to the young guys that are self-taught: no business sense.
  9. Prime lenses all the way. Cost to benefit ratio is awesome. Cleaner, and faster.
  10. can anyone verify this? and it looks like it might juse be on a crap lens.
  11. Danny Yount = Favourite motion designer Guy Ritchie = Favourite director love that interview.
  12. Colours are pretty good. I'd check out trying to learn some smoother animation.
  13. brawk

    RED Scarlet

    That's the 2/3 version right? Am I right in hearing there was going to be a 35mm version coming out later and at 5k right? btw, the Mysterium X sensor is only in the "EPIC" camera is what I'm led to believe. It's the successor to The Red One.
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