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  1. Dat song! On another note–It's nice to see polished videos like Joey's. Too many people hit record without taking the time for prep and lack a good mic. Keep it up, Cheers
  2. You can. Just check RENDER HUD in the render settings. Then Click on Options>Configure - you'll see HUD in your attributes. Check the items you want to show up.
  3. ^ Eggzactly! Saving multiple render settings is crucial when you know you'll be going back and forth between a beauty pass and a hardware render or you've got a complex project. I generally will set up a few common render presets like: •hardware Quicktime •low quality beauty •high quality beauty •mattes (just in case I forget an object buffer, basically everything is turned off) I like to save the preset if it's general enough to use on other projects. Happy rendering!
  4. 2 gigs per core is all you need for CPU rendering. You're probably having a bandwidth issue at your router, make sure it's gigabit and all your cables. Like AromaKat said, lower the file size of each frame as a test-you'll have more success. Goodluck and let us know what your solution is.
  5. Close but not useful if the camera or object is moving
  6. I hope I can explain correctly my problem. A client of mine had me animate a really complex part with lots of washers, bolts and cast aluminum-it consisted of several scenes with over a 2000 frames. When I was complete they told me that one of the washers in the video needed to move with another group of objects, keep in mind this was after they approved the hardware render. DOH! Here is my question. Is there a way of turning that one washer off in the render and only having its area render as if render "Active Objects Only" was checked? I am unaware of a way to make the Compositing Tag Matte Object work. I'd like to have just a band-aid kind of approch so calculations would be quick.
  7. I was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin that's similar to TurbulenceFD for After Effects? Needs to be Mac compatible as well. http://www.jawset.com/try/ Development apears to have stopped. Thanks!
  8. I still see no reason to use volumetric lighting over a sweep NURBS. I've had very good results with it.
  9. I recently edited a quick documentary with voice over. The original edit and script did not include audio from the camera. The client wants to add some noise from the camera track. Is there a way to add it back into the edit easily? I'd love a right click command that simply adds the audio. Does this exist and I'm not seeing it? Thanks.
  10. Post a picture of the bottle and a close up of the problem. I might be able to help come up with a solution.
  11. Reduce the friction on the cloth and colliding objects to "0." Also you'll get better results if you triangulate your cloth.
  12. People are going to have all these crappy peripherals and wires hanging off their new Mac Pros. It'll look like an octopus on your desk.
  13. I have several Apple products, but, for my professional work it looks like I'll be going back to PC ... soon.
  14. That refers to the GPU.
  15. I loved seeing all of your uses with dynamics. Enjoyed the previz.
  16. It's very frustrating migrating from Maya to C4Ds UV editor I'll admit. With the addition to sculpting in R14 they should have given the UV editor an overhaul and added retopology tools, doh! R15? ...
  17. This is a common problem with bank websites that's why they have a note that says "Please push send payment only once to avoid duplicate transactions" Unfortunately, most forum apps have a bunch of unused code which causes them to run slow when submitting content. Unless you have a fast server there always seems to be a lag.
  18. Yup. It's an issue. It's clearly keyframe-able, Curve editor does the trick.
  19. I have these and they are extremely balanced. They're more for music production but you'll get a fantastic mixdown on your audio. I find M-Audios tend to be bass heavy and lacking highs. They run about 250 a speaker. Good luck! http://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-HS80M-Studio-Reference-Monitor/dp/B000QPHCB4
  20. I'm still on Windows 98. Never made that HUGE jump to XP.
  21. Clean site and nice presentation. Good luck.
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