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  1. Honestly, I'm not sure what your question is, but, it sounds like you could use a full-time job and work yourself towards a full time freelance gig once you build the experience. I have a nine-to-five and take on freelance design and music producing on the side. That's my balance ... but, that is me.
  2. Okay, so I was able to tweek the settings ever so slightly to get what I needed with the current setup. I moved the gold color down one spot and moved the strength up 1%. When the gold color was in spot 1 or 3 the color was duplicated too many times. For some reason the 2nd spot had improved randomization!
  3. This option will not work because it's nested inside another cloner that moves upward. It'd just clone the randomness of that branch up. By applying the Multi Shader to Random I can effect the texture across multiple cloner objects.
  4. I'm having a problem trying to replicate the randomization frequency of these leaf clones. Attached is my goal and current render. Notice how the gold leaves are evenly distribted Current render The random effector is changing the Mograph Multishader from black to gold. The gold leaves group together How can I avoid this?
  5. Look at all these negative mographers. It could be a nice project if done correctly. I think this announcement is premature.
  6. I'd keep them separate for easier texturing. You don't want your textures getting over 4096 otherwise your scene will run slow. There is no benefit of having your house as one mesh really, it's not a character that needs rigging.
  7. •I'd build the scene out in very simple geometry that represents your final. •Animate your camera so it looks correct •Drop in your scenes into one file •Animate the "visible in viewport" for stuff that is not in view of the camera.
  8. I'm having some problems with the script Correct me if I'm wrong. •Create C4D file with object buffers •Create Null with Python tag. Copy/Paste script (No errors in code) •Save file with multipass path I get a popup that asks for a name twice. And, it dumps all of the renders into one of the folders the code created. What am I doing wrong.
  9. O M-to the G! I cannot thank you enough. I will give this a shot to see how it works.
  10. I did exactly this but I found it was kind of a weird way of doing things.
  11. I was visiting http://ilovedust.com today and noticed their preload logo animation. I know you can get a similar result using flash for it's onion skinning. What software works well with After Effects in creating this style. Just curious.
  12. Stuff like that I'd delegate it out to someone that can bang it out quick. Or, learn to use Maya that has stronger modeling tools. Just my two cents.
  13. 99% of the time I end up faking it because of time/software constraints. Curious to see your setup & end result.
  14. On a Mac I use Command and the arrow keys. It will step to the next/previous frame and lock it in cashe unless caps lock is enabled of course.
  15. Honestly Cinema bogs down with any big number crunching. I'd change your Level of Detail > Low in the viewport. That way it's not displaying all the textures.
  16. I just realized the python script does not effect the vibrate tag :-(
  17. Super excited to use this project file. First time with this effect. I'll post the results when I'm finished. I will need the effect applied to a pretty large scene. What I plan on doing is throwing the whole scene into a NULL. Sounds good?
  18. Super excited to use this project file. First time with this effect. I'll post the results when I'm finished. I will need the effect applied to a pretty large scene. What I plan on doing is throwing the whole scene into a NULL. Sounds good?
  19. I agree completely! The coins look like they are floating and the reflection in the phone's glass looks like a mistake. Overall I think the three-d elements could have either been pulled into the scene better or gone the other direction, more pop. Overall, fantastic 1st attempt.
  20. It runs slow because it runs on the C4D Mograph module, simply using an expresso preset ... which is slow. I'd keep things simple. Binky's method and the one I've illustrated will get you results that look good while not having to mess with C4D's slow viewport.
  21. This order of filters got me very close when added to an adjustment layer on top of all the layers. One thing I am missing in CS6 is cubic lens distortion which you can pick up here http://aescripts.com/ft-lens-distortion/ Obviously, you'll need to adjust the mosaic effect to achieve your desired pixel size. Posterize simplified the art giving bands. Venetian blinds adds the horizontal scan lines.
  22. +10 for Premiere. It runs really solid for me on OSX. Bouncing between AE and Premiere is wonderful.
  23. eliss

    Mud splash

    Has anyone here successfully created a mud splash using Cinema4D and Realflow. I've tried numerous times but it always looks like $#!†. And, I really do mean doo-doo. Mud shaders alone are pretty complex. I have a part of a product and I need to show that it's protected from mud. Any ideas or suggestions?
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