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  1. I cannot get them to show up in a depth pass Anyone have a solution? Chirp chirp.
  2. I was wondering if there is an easy solution to this. I've got a scene with pyrocluster clouds and I'd like to have them fade out on the horizon. Is there a way of having a distance fade from the Camera?
  3. Rendering out from any 3D application to a video file is generally a bad idea.
  4. eliss


    I don't think it's weird at all if you use the History palette. The word Undo does not really apply if you consider that Command-Z links to this palette.
  5. In most cases switching on the Enhanced OpenGL will display correctly in the viewport for mograph color effectors.
  6. If you use footage for each card its nice to randomize where in the loop starts - to add more randomness.
  7. eliss


    Wooh, and it's free ... I did not know about it. Thanks. http://ptex.us/download.html
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    I'd really like to see thinking particles get an update. I see a few useful things but I'll probably skip this release like I did with 12. One every year is too much. http://www.cebas.com/index.php?pid=product&prd_id=166&feature=1359
  9. ^ What James said. I'd avoid GI and use lighting tricks to pull back on render times. See how low of a setting you get away with. One trick I like to do if I need Ambient Occlusion is to render it out on a separate pass with low settings and just blur it some in AE to get rid of the noise.
  10. I'd go on the higher of these ranges ... otherwise hard times.
  11. I just took the same file that C4D rendered and opened it in Photoshop. Banding appears. I don't know why one software is treating it differently. The banding is gone if I render it out at 16 bit then convert it to 8bit in Photoshop.
  12. I took screen captures of the same file. I'm getting very bad banding in PS. What's up with that? The file is rendered out at 8bit per channel. I've gone through all my gamma settings in PS but the bands are still there!
  13. This was going to be my next solution. A hack but it'll work. Thanks Chris. I was really hoping there would be a way to allow light to pass through the polys for a more realistic simulation.
  14. Using Physical Renderer with GI. I'd like the leaves to allow more light to pass through them. Is there a shader effect that would accomplish this?
  15. That is exactly what I ended up doing. Making a sphere at 100,000 radius. Re-rendering it out and putting a simple texture over everything. Pretty lame!
  16. I'm rendering out a motion vectors pass in C4D R13 and the sky object renders out black ... which is a problem. I've turned off alpha and still not the right result. What am I doing wrong. Cinema is not calculating the sky.
  17. Older versions of Cinema4d used a Dirt Shader before Ambient Occlusion. That could be it.
  18. Bro. I think you need a new job. You're sounding like you just came back from a payote trip.
  19. eliss


    I totally agree with iline. I think this direction is a more 'realistic' approach in a non-realistic way. If that makes sense. I find the simpler approach the more successful one. Good luck and shoot us over your progress.
  20. eliss


    What Mylenium said. Hire a 3DS Max particle expert or someone real good with realflow and matchmoving.
  21. Yah, Mudbox has 6 more versions/years of dev to go.
  22. One month left and 30% left to complete. Hmm ... I wonder if they're including betatesting in that number. I'm excited to see how this tool will work.
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