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  1. and bingo! I had it working. I was relying too much on the working preview & not the render, which actually shows the proper colors.


    In most cases switching on the Enhanced OpenGL will display correctly in the viewport for mograph color effectors.

  2. the simplest might be to add a low-luminance light straight over the ivy, and set it to exclude the ivy.

    This was going to be my next solution. A hack but it'll work. Thanks Chris. I was really hoping there would be a way to allow light to pass through the polys for a more realistic simulation.

  3. If you're going with that approach, it'd be lovely to see some microbubbles with sub-poly displacement


    I totally agree with iline.

    I think this direction is a more 'realistic' approach in a non-realistic way. If that makes sense. I find the simpler approach the more successful one. Good luck and shoot us over your progress.

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