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  1. I totally forgot about that! Thanks again!
  2. I am looking for a way of dynamically switching out the "Null Path" using xpresso. I want the Sweep Nurbs to access a path that is not inside the group. Is this even possible?
  3. Do you get the same results when you expand the shape and make it editable? I have not come across any of these issues.
  4. "Set active object as camera" under the camera drop down. Click perspective to get out of that view.
  5. My exact response too! I did not DL the file because of it. Thanks for sharing though.
  6. "Bring OBJ’s into After Effects with Form’s support for 3D models and 3D sequences" http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/products/all/trapcode-form/ It's the "String" particle type. Hope that helps.
  7. Generally, you never see perfume splashing around inside a bottle in commercials. The product is usually stationary. With that being said ... Cinema4D comes with some pretty good fluid shaders that should help you move forward. Make sure you introduce caustics into your render. It will really help plant the bottle into the scene. Here is a model I created for a company, the name has been covered but you get the idea. It's a pretty low quality render. The final looks a lot sharper.
  8. Ya ... what Mylenium said. The compositing tag is your friend
  9. Being a former Maya user it amazes me how many little things Cinema has not implemented ... this is one of them. These are not deal breakers for me since I still use the software. The workflow is still 10x faster ...
  10. Nice little Xpresso experiments on your page.
  11. Nitroblast actually solves the transparency issue you are having. It's a preset inside of the plugin. Render test Nitroman goes over the topic somewhere in this list of tutorials
  12. Judging by your topic header I thought you were a pervert. To answer your question ... the new character rigging in R13 is very powerful and very easy to use. Even I, hardly a rigger, found it easy to work with.
  13. Why use paper when you can use clay tablets? Nothing more analog then going stone age.
  14. Oh, I get it! Thanks for your help. It's all starting to make sense. Have a beer on me ;-)
  15. eliss

    New showreel

    I love how above your icon it says Newbie as you are clearly not! Great work and timing. Nice music selection as well.
  16. Wow. I would have never figured it out. I thought I was crazy for a moment! If you don't mind me asking ... are there any other nodes that work like this?
  17. I fixed this issue by unchecking 'Align Clone' in the Object tab in the cloner.
  18. It seems like such a simple task but honestly ... what's wrong with me? Null with UserData > Linked List Xpresso node > Linked List I just want them to show the same values! How the hell do I connect the two? Thanks in advance.
  19. Looking closely at the render I can tell you they used SSS on the trees. It's quite obvious. Just add a slight purple luma SSS. For a clay like feel you don't need your settings very high to accomplish this. Also try adding a 5-10% luma that matches your color channel to give the washed out look if you are not using SSS on the shader. (SSS is generally applied to the luma channel) The master C. Smith is right ... make your shadows purple or blue, not black. Black shadows suck in 3d MG. Also, use a parallel light, not a spot light, so your shadows are even Steven! Hope that helps.
  20. A plugin by Nitroman called NitroBlast works great for this. It will do exactly what Andrew acompishes, just in a different workflow. http://nitro4d.com/blog/donationware/nitroblast/ Hope that's what you were looking for.
  21. Thanks for the heads-up. I have the Python Tag sitting on a controller Null that has all the UD in it. I just started learning this stuff the other day. I find the documentation a little difficult to work with.
  22. Douwe, YOU ARE THE MAN! Thank you so much.
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