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  1. Hey knowledgeable people!

    I'm trying to make a product break through a dirt surface. I'm using C4D 11.5


    Here is what I have so far...

    I have split up the ground and fractured it. Applied dynamics.

    I have the product moving in an upward motion. Breaking through.


    Everything is working okay but I really want to know how to get this thing to look better as a render before any AE work is done.

    Is there any other tricks via dynamics that I can do? I'd love to hear some suggestions!


    Thanks in advance.

  2. I am curious what larger companies do for large renders. Motion companies that render large C4D and AE projects dont render off their local machines. What are they using? I am aware of Net Render and AE render. Is anyone using software that groups these renders together like Cube? I'm just interested in others render workflows and options.

    Thanks in advance.


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