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  1. I know Aerodrome did the initial one but they are bought off. Where can I see the current online package for it any idea? Also is there a good MG resource were some one is keeping all the good graphics that are searchable.
  2. REALLY!!! Damn!! how would you be creative if you are not enjoying what you do?
  3. Thanks Scofield. needed to hear that. I have close to 15k in saving. I was considering taking some online classes, as you say till dec and then take the plunge in LA next year. glad to know it may not be a very rash decision, leaving a decent paying job.
  4. I have been at my current job for 6 years (hired right out of school) the pay was good and I was hopping that things would get better but it didn't. the environment here isn't very creative friendly, Its very corporate, "change the stuff cause I say so", . And my work and enthusiasm have gone down exponentially. Making me doubt my own design skills. Wondering if I need to go to LA/NY and look for better studios to work in or should I look into editing? Could your work environment effect your design skills?
  5. Thats quite encouraging. thanks man. Its good to know bad economy has not resulted in exhodus from LA.
  6. Thanks Binky thats a real comprehensive list. i will give them a shot.
  7. Hey thanks Aroma. about the directory... don't companies hate it if you give them cold calls or end up on their door steps?? 6 months 4 years ago eh? when economy was good...and now??? phew . Thanks for the info man.!!
  8. I am a motion graphics designer with 5 years of experience and a moderately awesome reel. (thanks to my employer... we don't do cool, we do quick). Would going to LA without a job be a good idea? What kind of struggle am i looking at in LA? Are there still jobs for designers who don't have kick ass reels? Has anyone taken this leap of faith? What kid of savings should I be having in order to survive in LA, 5K, 10K, 20+K? Just curious to know other people's experience of moving to LA without a job.
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