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  1. What file formats do you see this with? I'm wondering mainly if they are quicktime backed formats, or still sequence formats. -c
  2. Since this is an intermittent problem that we haven't seen in house, we need to start by collecting all the boring data with the hope it gives someone a troubleshooting idea. After Effects Version: 9.0, 9.01, 9.02 Operating System Version and Patch Level Physical Ram in machine File formats that are showing this problem (I know you said prores in the followup above. Over the past year, has it always been pro-res, or have other formats hit it)? Do you often get Out of Memory errors? Comp size and project bit depth Do you use Multiprocessing? Thanks, Chris
  3. Though we don't monitor Mograph with anywhere near the frequency we monitor the Adobe User to User forums (http://forums.adobe.com/community/aftereffects_general_discussion). That said, I'm sorry to hear about your phone support woes. The engineering team is stepping up the monitoring of the forums while we try and get tech support useful. There is no Adobe supplied alternative at this point that can get you paid 1:1 support that will help you. Would you mind posting in the Adobe User to User forum? No problem if you don't, we'll try and help here, but you may pick up some other eyes by posting over there. --c ae engineering manager
  4. I'm pretty excited to hear that! We spent a lot of time in CS4 tweaking all the fiddly things we could find trying to make it behave. In the end there was no one way we could make every workflow work, which is why we have the preference. We've been hearing about some ProRes 444 gamma shifts recently and we're talking to Apple about it. I can't recall if it was Snow Leopard only. I'm going to send our resident OCD gamma geek a link to this thread so we can try and integrate anything interesting into out testing in CS5. --chris
  5. Hmm. Mylenium's reply above isn't completely accurate. Internally AE will lock a list (this can be the list of layers, or items in the project, or render queue items, they are all over the place), add or remove an item, and then unlock the list. A error of this sort (unable to insert to locked list) means that a lock was unbalanced. The most common reason is that an error occured and the error recovery code had a bug in it. So if you get this message, try and remember the last couple of things that you did, especially any kind of message dialog that might have appeared. If you want to help us solve this, please drop a line to aebugs@adobe.com with the following info: 1) The previous few things you were doing including any error messages. 2) If you can reproduce it or now. 3) The action you are trying to do that causes it. 4) The version of the application you are running. If you aren't willing to gather that info, please don't bother sending something into aebugs. This error message isn't specific enough for us to do anything with without the additional context. --chris
  6. At startup After Effects creates a cache of your installed fonts so text operations happen more quickly. This font cache is normally persistent, so AE only re-creates it when your font set changes, or when you install a new version of an Adobe product (the text engine is shared by many of the products). Since the cache keeps track of all aspects of all installed fonts, if there is a bad font in the mix (even in some obscure part of the font definition), it can take down the application at startup. If you would like to send the offending font to aebugs@adobe.com and mention that it causes AE CS4 to crash on launch, we'll add it to our test matrix (and probably contact the font author too) so this won't happen again. Thanks, Chris
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