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  1. Aha! I get it now! My problem was I wanted to drive one thing with the left button; and drive another thing with the right. I think I'll need to use two interaction tags. One for each mouse button. I think that will work! Update: No. doesn't work. Cinema 4D won't allow me to use multiple interaction tags on one object. Damn. So the problem still exists: How can I drive different things with left and right mouse actions? anyone?
  2. Hey there, Can anyone help me work out how to use the R16 interaction tag, using the right mouse instead of the left mouse, in XPresso? I cant seem to work it out. This example setup is working fine with the left mouseā€¦ but I don't know how to make it work using the right mouse click. Please help? Link to example project
  3. Hey guys, This tool looks like it might just save my butt! I just developed a bunch of style frames for a big job- using iso projection... Client loves it! But then... after the client meeting- realized AE will not handle the iso projection! EEK! Luckily, C_Smith and The Monkey are AWESOME! Can someone explain the best method to "reverse" the process? The rig goes from ISO -to- Perspective... But I need it to go the other way around. Actually, I need to be able to swap backwards and forth between them... Is there a way to achieve this? I am inexperienced with Xpresso, so If anyone can help here it would be greatly appreciated! Without trying to be at all rude, there is a degree of urgency at my end (Stressing!!) EDIT: I think what I need (which I cannot work out how to do) Is to change the Xpresso to use an a/b slider instead of a start/duration; so that I can simply keyframe between the 2 views... If anyone knows how to do this, I will be so so so thankful! Or if anyone can suggest a better way, that would be great too! Thanks, Nathan
  4. Hey Thanks to the monkey, what an informative and exciting look into some of the more exciting abilities of c4d. There was mention that you might do a tutorial exploring the scripts on cineversity? I would love to have some greater insight into the technique as I am currently a bit lost. Many Thanks, Nathan
  5. Hey Chris, The link is broken- Is this available still or has it been superseded by something else? Thanks, Nathan
  6. Hello All, I have come across a strange thing which I cannot seem to explain. I have a scene in which I am emitting particles from a standard emitter and attaching rigid body mograph objects to them using a matrix object. Everything appears to be fine and the mograph dynamics cache nicely- But when it comes to redering... the particles are suddenly in a comepletly wrong place! I have tried and tried to rectify the situation but to no avail, If anyone could have a look that would be fantastic. This is what the cached scene looks like in the viewport (correct) And this is what The Render (of the exact same frame) looks like (WRONG) You can find the project file here Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. Hey Nick, I am attempting to get my mograph dynamics animation baked and exported to be used in another 3d package. Having no luck. Do you think what you worked out with the Point Cache might help? Would you mind going into some detail? Thanks a bunch --Nathan
  8. SOLVED! Isnt it funny how sometimes you cannot work something out and then as soon as you just ask, you work it out yourself! [render] -> [bake object] Easy! Thanks anyway! --Nathan
  9. Hello All, I am wondering (hoping) to bake the texture from a camera projection onto the geometry. Is this possible in C4D? I would rather keep my workflow in C4D as I am most comfortable here, but if this option is not possible I will have to use Max or Maya which would be a hassle to learn a new app for such a simple requirement. If anyone coulfd offer some info that would be greatly appreciated Many Thanks, --Nathan
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