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  1. So do they just owe you a late fee or your original invoice plus a late fee? I have been in contact with them in the past about work, it's good to have this information. Thanks!
  2. Wow. Are you taking any action against them? If I were you I would call and see what the story is. Maybe they sent payment to the wrong address? If not I would definitely get a collection agency on them. Collection agencies never charge a fee until they collect, typically 10-15%. I am using an agency called EJL & Associates (http://www.ejlandassociates.com). They specialize in collecting in the Media Industry. Hope this helps. Best.
  3. I think it's a great idea having a site about deadbeat clients. I worry that most people would be afraid to speak out. Maybe it can be anonymous submissions? I think it could be more like a blog. A place where people could post good/bad experiences. Also we can provide information on how to go about getting paid.
  4. I would also like to say that although my collection agency has not collected that they are still a great tool to get your money back. They do not charge anything until they collect, so why not? Let them bug the hell out of them. They can also damage the debtors credit. In some cases they will buy the debit from you and sue the debtor themselves. I think persistence is the key. Do not let these people get away with stealing from you. I still send an invoice every day to every email I have. The biggest mistake I made was feeling sorry for them. There will always be a sob story about how their client didn't pay or how they are just staying afloat. I was constantly told that I would be getting payment next week, next month, etc. DON'T BELIEVE IT!!! They are just buying time.
  5. Hi All, I wanted to start this blog because I am absolutely fed up with a company I did work for not paying. I want to expose this company so that others do not have the same misfortune that I did. The company is based in LA/Japan and their name is My Eskimo Friend. I had done boards for them (or I should say him because it's really only one guy) about a year ago. After 5 days of work I only charged 3 days because of the same old sob story of not having a budget. After a few months of no pay I started to really put the heat on with invoices/emails, still got the run-around. Finally I had to resort to a collection agency. The collection agency has had no luck as of yet. Come this October it will be a year since I did the work. As of now I do not plan of getting paid as My Eskimo Friend does not respond to my payment reminders. Please be warned not to work for this company as they do not pay! If you have had any experiences with dead beat companies please let us know, it's not fair that they are paying their rent with YOUR money!
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