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  1. Recently i've been using the Align to Spline tag for some fly-thru style camera moves. I create a spline for my camera and my target, set the spline "intermediate points" to "uniform," and then start setting keys. This works wonderfully, until I start changing the shape of the spline. For example, if my spline is 10 meters long, and I set a keyframe at 50% (5 meters)... then I decide I need to reshape the spline, and the spline ends up being 12 meters long, my keyframe is now at the 6 meter mark. This is fine if I simply need to adjust 1 keyframe, but I have 60 seconds of keyframes and I'm constantly adjusting the spline as I change my camera path. Has anyone encountered this issue? Is there a solution? I used to work in Maya and ran into the same problem.
  2. Some people did some testing for the new GPU accelerated raytracing in CS6 here: http://bit.ly/MACEZi
  3. I saw an animated short featured maybe two years ago on motionographer. It was about a guy and girl who are astonomers, and how they end up falling in love. Very subtle, quite piece with gorgeous retro-style illustration and animation. Anyone see it or have an idea of where i might find it? thanks
  4. hey thank you very much!
  5. I'm looking for the intro credits Digital Kitchen did for a show called RollerGirls a couple years ago, but I can't find it on there site, nor anywhere else on the net. Does anyone know if it's still available somewhere? thanks.
  6. sorry cant find the damn question mark on this colombian keyboard. Does anyone know who did the music for the resfest intro for 2001. think i might have been mk12. perhaps inhouse. is there any other example of music that this person did. thanks .
  7. Several years ago I saw this spot where a CG game character, 1st person shooter style, is running through a gauntlet of a bunch of computer games. At one point point he falls on top of Laura Croft and at another point he finds himself hitting tennis balls at a giant t-rex with Andre Agassi. I think it was done by BUF but i don't see it on their site. I think it was for xbox or playstation. Ring a bell for anyone?
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