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    <p>I am a <em>Communication Designer</em> specialising in <strong>Motion Graphics Design</strong> and <strong>Video Post-Production</strong>.</p> <p> </p> <p>In 2010 I started my career as a self employed designer and I am currently freelancing with major video design studios, agencies and firms in the areas of: Broadcasting TV, Events, Web advertise, Digital Signage and Projections Mapping 3D.</p> <p> </p> <p>My core aim is to create products that are both functional and appealing to look at. You can count on me to meet deadlines and work through complex design challenges!</p>
  1. Hi Jw, Congratulation for your reel! I think that it works pretty good! Since you wrote about any suggestion, at 0,50" I see the "wall of televisions". You already showed that project at 0,16" and it feels to me like you have to fill a gap in you editing. Try to add a new scene or cut something around minute 1.03" if you need. Anyway, good job! Gabriele
  2. ZioGab

    Showreel 2016

    Hi Igor, congratulation for your reel! Really good job, also the music is really nice and the lenght is just right! Keep it up! Gabriele
  3. It looks really good!! Maybe I would try to keep it a little bit shorter, I have seen a lot of beverage advertising. Anyway congratulation!
  4. Hi, I wil cut the scenes at 0.12; 0.17; at 0.19 the shot is too long, you need just the first two seconds. I will cut scene at 0.38 and 0.50; scene at 0.59 and 1.00. Cut from 1.05 to 1.27. I see some more intersting works from 1.27 to 1.30,I suggest to move them at the beginning of the reel and give them more space. In general you have to keep just the best animation of a scene or a project, no more than 5 seconds long. Bye
  5. Hi Peter, I think you have some nice works on you portfolio but I think you could do more in the future to imporve it. I personally don't like the style of the opener, but it's just a personal opinion. What is sure is that it's too long! No one will wait 30 second before see the first clip of you reel. You could keep the whole opener as a personal project on your website and use a "5 seconds cut" as opener of you reel. The last think is that the opener and the closer's style should match. Bye
  6. Hi Dele, I think it is a good starting point, expecially the first and the third animation. In general I think that the "secondary motion" could be more related to the "first motion". The "secondary" should be me more a direct consequence of the "first" and it has to happen in a short amount of time (as you did in the first animation). For example, in the first animation, I will expect to see the head going more front and back than left and right. Anyway, if continue on doing exercise like this you will certainly improve! Bye bye
  7. Hi there, I've just updated my reel with some projects made during the last year as a freelancer. I really would love to hear your opinion/suggestion on it before send it to clients. The past year yours revisions really helped me to do a better job on it! Thank you for you time. Yours truly Gabriele https://vimeo.com/54236788
  8. Hi to everyone, after your suggestions I've re-edited the reel and changed some contents. Do you think this version is better? http://vimeo.com/31962476 Thank you again Gabriele
  9. Thank you Zickar! Definitely the next reel will be a mix of all the past reels, cutting out the pieces you pointed out and replacing those. I'm trying to grow up year by year and now maybe I have a good starting point. The past reel's revision on this blog was not so sweet but thaught to me somethings that I have applied during this year. The intro was really funny to do because I took that photo last summer and I never thought it ended up as intro for the reel! : ) Thank you again for your revision Gabriele
  10. Hey thank you Ed ! You are very glad going in such deeper considerations! There are a lot of hints I will be working on. Thank you again and congratulations for your works!
  11. Hi to everyone, I'm working on my reel for 2012. I really would like to have some constructive critiques before show it to clients. Thank you for the time you'll spend for me! http://gabrielericci.com/showreel/ Gabriele Ricci
  12. Any feedback at all? http://gabrielericci.com
  13. Hi everyone, I've just finished my last reel. I'd love to heard you opinion about it before send it to clients. Thank you very much http://gabrielericci.com/ (The reel is on the homepage)
  14. Hi guys, thank you for your advice; I'll keep that in mind for sure. I'm finishing the 2011 reel and I hope to achieve a better result than the last year. Have a nice day Gabriele http://gabrielericci.com
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