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    My name is [size="5"]Maxime[/size] Soumagnas, I am french and [size="3"]www.bbmax48.com[/size] is my blog. <br /> I have studied Film making for three years in Bordeaux (Université de Bordeaux 3). <br /> I currently live in London and work as a freelance. <br /> I like to take photos to practice composition. I love animation especially stop-motion. I love to draw, play guitar and surf when I have free time. <br /> I love to try new things and I’m always looking for new opportunities to get out of my comfort zone…<br /> <br /> I have been involved in many different projects (Camera Operator for a documentary, Animator, Editor, Motion designer, Camera Operator for conferences…)[/font]
  1. What is the difference between a shader and a texture ? Can you use them together ? I need some good C4D tutorials on texturing please ?
  2. I'm trying to create a realistic wall. I have used a brick texture, added a displacement map, Bump map, lighting etc... I want as much details as possible. With all of this, it still looks really flat, there is a bit of depth, but not enough. Would it be better to model all the details instead of using textures ?
  3. Does anybody know some cool texturing techniques for Cinema 4D ? I'd like to know how to use 3D Paint and BP UV Edit in Cinema 4D ? If you could give me some tips, it would be great ! How do the texture layers work in Cinema 4D ? Thanks
  4. Less than 500 pounds...I want to shoot anything !
  5. Is it better to buy a camera that shoots videos, or to buy a camcorder that takes pictures ? What Camcorder or camera would you recommend ?
  6. CSTools for Maxon Cinema 4D – Free Tools from Chris Smith is very usefull, especially: CS_EasyCam : Camera movement system for basic film moves with path bend and vibration options.
  7. His work is fantastic. I love his work !
  8. These links are great ! Thanks you very much !
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