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  1. So I'm a big fan of Discord, using it for all sorts but I looked around and strangely enough couldn't find a MoGraph specific server. So as the guy behind Cinema 4D MoGraph as well as a motion graphics freelancer myself I figured I should, well, you know, sort of make the effort, here's the link to anyone interested in joining : https://discord.gg/X8ue7F
  2. Apologies if this is in the wrong section (I cannot post to news and can't seem to find my old threads to continue them). The Third Party is pleased to announce the immediate availability of DeGamma 0.40 for Cinema 4D Versions 11 (PC Only) 11.5, 12, and 13. This update brings new features in the form of Little World projections (also known as Stereographic projection) in the Fishy Distorter Lens Effect. Of course this supports stereoscopic rendering, film offsets, as well as having it's own dedicated controls for world radius, as well as latitude and longitudinal offsets. Also within Fishy Distorter the bug with R13 Physicial Renderer and Film Offsets in Fishy Distorter has been squashed. In addition to this for R12 and R13 users DeGamma itself has brought back the direct Gamma control that was taken away from the Cinema 4D Render Settings in these versions, this allow you to create easy custom gammas' and compensations for the various tone mapping options. The update is free to existing customers and is available right now for our customers to download from their download locations. DeGamma is a Linear Color Workflow, Lens Distortion and general post effects toolkit by The Third Party for Cinema 4D and is available from http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/degamma for 40 euros.
  3. Just to let you guys know, DeGamma 0.37 & Storm Tracer 1.38.10 Are now available for Third Party Plugins customers. More information about Storm Tracer can be found here : http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/stormtracer More information about DeGamma can be found here : http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/degamma This update is purely for R13 and should be used by anyone with Cinema 4D R13 as it also fixes several outstanding bugs. In order to update your license please follow the full instructions given here on the Third Party Forums : http://forum.thirdpartyplugins.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3 Enjoy! Per-Anders Edwards
  4. Per

    Kevin Barnum

    Hi, if anyone knows Kevin Barnum (or if he reads this), please point him to this thread and tell him to check his spam filters and junk folder. I've been trying to send him his serials, but apparently he's not getting them or any mail I've been sending him.
  5. The basic calculations are similar when DeGamma is used in full sRGB mode, there's really only one method of going between linear and sRGB space (and back again). DeGamma and C4D LCW are both aiming for the same target and do the same things but are not the exact alike, DeGamma offers much more fine tuning control over the whole process, from what method the LCW is applied with to more colorspace options (even allowing you to write your own colorspaces in COFFEE if you wish), more control over how it's applied to multipass, and even how it gets applied per object and ever per parameter if you want, as well as offering effect like controls with exclusions and so on. It has to be pointed out that LCW is only one part of DeGamma (the other parts being the aforementioned post effect filters, lens distortion & stereoscopic rendering control.
  6. Storm Tracer, XStacy::Elements and DeGamma have been updated now to be compatible with C4D R12. Storm Tracer also includes a few bugfixes including a critical crash that could occur when rendering on machines with more than 16 cores. DeGamma includes improvements to it's stereoscopic rendering. A new Divergence control has been added to allow you to create focused or free distance stereoscopic images. The algorithm itself has been tweaked and improved to create much better eye separation against the lens distortion. More information is available on The Third Party forums.
  7. Apologies for the interjection to normal MoGraph discussions (and I hope this is in the right location), however I need to find a valid email address for a Reto Clement, if anyone knows this person or if they themselves read this then they need to get in contact with me (private message is fine) with the valid email so that I can send them their license, the one they supplied is bouncing back regardless of what email I try to send from.
  8. The Third Party is pleased to announce the release of DeGamma 0.35 DeGamma 0.35 includes numerous improvements and bugfixes. It has several new features including several new colorspaces for the DeGamma Linear Color Workflow system including Smoothed and ToneMapped. The LCW system has been enabled for working with Texture Baking (conversion to Linear Space only). A whole new "Smear" post effect plugin designed for creating chromanent blurs and distortions for artistic effect and for simulating Lens abberations. In addition to these new features the Fishy Distorter effect has been given my new Stereoscopic algorithm designed to allow Stereoscopic effects on distorted images up to and including full 360 degree cyclical panoramas and improved visioning at peripheral angles and positions, allowing composition of effect outside of the very center of the view. This is not easily achievable through traditional methods, and is an effect I have not seen available anywhere else at this point (a paper is forthcoming on the process used, for those that require explicit information on the algorithms for matching within their own pipelines), control is given for separation, with convergence/focal distance controlled via the Camera's own depth controls. A couple of examples of the effect achieved. And no CG release can be complete without some chrome spheres on checkerboard planes! DeGamma 0.35 is available for download immediately. For more information or to purchase please see : http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/degamma
  9. I'm pleased to announce the release of Storm Tracer 1.38 update. This update fixes quite a few bugs including a very noticeable one where the Illumination models were incorrectly evaluated, especially the "Placard" mode. In addition to these bugfixes this version includes several updates and improvements. Firstly a new Render application mode has been added and made default to give you more accurate (but slower) renders when dealing with cloud effects, this mode gets rid of the globular and ramped edge effect that was prevalent before and allows for smooth free-form clouding effects. The previous "Normal" mode has now been renamed "Fast" and will by default be on in older scenes where used. Here's a couple of examples to show the difference visually between the modes when dealing with more cloudy effects: Fast (old Storm Tracer) Mode Accurate(new Storm Tracer) Mode Fast (old Storm Tracer) Mode Accurate(new Storm Tracer) Mode To go along with this and to help optimize "accurate" renders a new Tolerance control has been added, this sets a value for opacity beyond which the storms will not be evaluated, this allows you to speed up renders using this method dramatically by effectively reducing ray depth adaptively. Next the Bump and Displacement systems have been improved to allow Bump height control over both the bump texture itself and the preset forms. These are substantial changes and older scenes may need adjusting as a result, however the making newer storms should now be more predictable and productive when using these controls. This update is for all customers of Storm Tracer and can be downloaded the usual way. Storm Tracer is a volumetric placard rendering system for Cinema 4D by The Third Party, more information is available here : http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/stormtracer Enjoy!
  10. Aaaand, now there's another update to 0.33. This fixes several bugs and adds an option to apply the DeGamma final color correction effect to the full multipass (excluding UV, motion vectors, and normals) if desired instead of the straight linear output in the non "Image" passes. If you are interested in seeing a few example images of what DeGammas automated Linear Color Workflow can do for you then check out some of the images on this thread on CGTalk : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=47&t=807010
  11. Just another note to all that Both have now been updated again. Storm Tracer with the update to 1.37.02 which fixes some very serious bugs both with rendering and crash behaviours. Also DeGamma has been updated as follows : This version fixes several important bugs including a crash-bug when used in conjunction with Lumen, and a Divide By Zero error in the Tone-Map post effect as well as fixes for Net rendering. The extra post effects have been updated significantly in this update. Tone Map in particular has been expanded upon with several new options including Color Space and Auto Exposure adjustment settings, as well as separation of Tone mapping and Dodge/Burning. In addition to this the 2D Post Effects now have a Preview image to help you with creating and customizing their effects: The preview allows AB compare with the unaffected image with switch and splitview (by dragging a split out from the border), and the use of a number of preset bitmaps. Should you wish to add your own to the res/previews folder make sure that you save them as 32 bit TIF files at 320x240 pixels. I've updated the default filter in DeGamma slightly by dragging in the Sky Object and it's "Use Color" attribute as this is something I sometimes use when working with GI rather than applying a whole texture. Enjoy!
  12. In R11.5 which has a totally new (and faster) Formula parser with new functions it can be done with this : max(1-u;0)*Sin(((u*4)-t)*2.0*pi)*0.2 The following explanation is done with the assumption of no knowledge so apologies if it's totally blazingly obvious, but just in case and if it helps you construct your own formula effects easier then read on. To break it down, u is the distance from the center in the radial modes, it goes from 0 at the center to 1 at the edges, so 1.0 means that at the middle it's 1 * the wave effects value and at the edges it's 0 * the wave effects value, if you wanted a more realistic falloff for a droplet you'd use a square falloff liked this : pow(max(1-u;0);2)*Sin(((u*4)-t)*2.0*pi)*0.2 or even pow(max(1-u;0);4)*Sin(((u*4)-t)*2.0*pi)*0.2 Now the "max" function choses the maximum value between the 1-u and 0, so that when it reaches the edge of the ripple it'll basically stick at 0 and not start doing waves gettign stronger but in negative! With those "better" falloff functions the "pow" means to the power of, that is pow(x;2) is the same as writing x*x and pow(x;4) the same as x*x*x*x this makes for a more belivable falloff of the water itself. Next the "sin" is of course a sine wave, this is just a nice shape for a wave, the (u*4) but controls the frequency, so if you change that 4 ot somethign else you'll end up with more or less waves, as it is you'll get 4 waves before it fades out at the edges. t is Time in the function, so you can also multiply that if you want things to move a bit faster or slower. The reason we multiply the whole result by 2.0 * pi (actially that can be replaced in the new parser with the keyword pi2) is that the angles internally in C4D are in radians, for 360 degrees (one whole cycle) it's 2 * pi radians, so it just makes it so that the numbers result in a full cyclical transition. Finally the last multiply of *0.2 is just scaling the whole effect down, you can actually drop that bit and instead scale the bounding box of the formula deformer down vertically and get the same effect. Anyhow, hope that helps you guys.
  13. Just a note here as I know Storm is popular among MoGraphers. Storm Tracer has been updated to 1.37.00, this version adds Cinema 4D R11.5 compatability as well as Windows 64bit versions for both R11.0 and R11.5. DeGamma has been updated with 5 new additional fun trendwhoreish post effects. ToneMap including automatic dodge/burn modes, Distorter and Chroma-blur effects for creating those psychadelic moments, Bleach Bypass filter with several modes for different hard silver photo effects, Gloominance a Gloom/Bloom filter (and much more). Enjoy! More information about Storm Tracer can be found here : http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/stormtracer And More information about DeGamma can be found here : http://www.thirdpartyplugins.com/degamma
  14. Well I'm not sure what you expected, one of the entry requirements to the country is a lack of criminal record, why would it be any different for continuing to stay? And if you really want to stay then why shouldn't you get a green card rather than live from visa to visa? I found that I was only really limited from traveling for a couple of years, you can also apply for the i131 parole permit to travel http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=b11747a55773d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCRD&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1RCRD if yourlawyer forget to mention that then get another lawyer.
  15. The standard navigation keys, i.e. the zoom icon in the top right ofthe window, 2 plus drag or alt + rmb drag by default. For vertical zoom within mini f-curves use 5 + drag or click and drag on the bottom of the mini-f-curve area.
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