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  1. I feel like an old man asking this but what do people do these days to backup their files? Yes theres cloud and multiple hard drives, but I'm thinking that a RAID setup would be my best bet. Redundant backup and no service fee. I'll have my projects that I'll access consistently, and most of my active client related material lives on my Dropbox Pro account. BUT theres that time when projects are done. Where should they go? I'm looking at Drobo's 5D and 5N. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. Thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, I've got a question about compression software for video. I wanted to ask what is recommended as a video compressor these days. I use Quicktime Pro's built in feature for making x.264 videos, but find it slow and not always that great at handling gradients, even with grain applied before hand. I have recently started using Adobe Media Encoder, and feel that it has the best options and results thus far. I know there are options out there that cost lots of money, but wanted to see what the mass majority use. Thanks! Steve
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