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  1. strange things happen. a guy come to me today.. wana learn any 3d application. now its hard decision now as i am trying to learn c4d but having an exp. in maya. and he has paid me like Rs. 7000 about $116 US just. now thinking what should i do? learn c4d everyday and teach him or teach maya as i am doing it for 1 year now. God help me. and Edgard thanks man, it really helps. tell me one thing. i didn't get a proper installation of c4d v 10. i just get it in folder form. like the portable versions. is it like so?
  2. ok. i have decided . from now on i will try to learn c4d. as maya is too hard for me. tht modelling stuff is not my type. too defficult. try to learn to rig in c4d too. and the first problem is how can i take my file from c4d to AE cs4? is it stupid to ask? can any body else find it funny?
  3. i know its stupid to ask.. but i have just installed demo of c4d but unable to take my file from c4d to ae. extra info. is very welcome.
  4. xsid

    Psyop AT&T

    i applied ccglass on this blob and a little glow. it look awesome
  5. just seen ur blob tutorial.. its nice , i applied CCglass on it and it look awesome with a little glow
  6. Working in maya for about 1 year now. I really loved the motion graphic style and realised tht maya is not build for it. just downloaded the demo of cinema4d and looks like these guys really foucued on Motion Graphics. is it a nice idea to switch now to Cinema or stick with the beast? can any body tell me the integration btw realflow and cinema4d is good or not?
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