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  1. I tried that already, look http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/7353/bildschirmfoto20091012us.png . Still the same thing. Back and front. Also The Image is getting resized by the amount of cubes. Can i turn on a setting so the size of the image does not depend on the cubes and keeps it original size?
  2. Thanks Nick, now it wont repeat the image when i move it with the texture move tool but it still is on the back and on the front. I uploaded a screenshot here: http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/6050/bildschirmfoto20091012u.png (simple example) Greetings from Germany, if you remember me ! Hope you are doing good!
  3. yeah thanks, i found it! But now i really dont get how to set it up so the image is only on the top side of the clones... now the image is on the front back and on the sides. When i move it with the texture move tool it just wraps around the clones..! How do i delete the back part of the material and the sides?
  4. Thanks so much! I do have a few questions because my c4d is in German and i have some trouble figureing out where eveything is. 1. Material Manager: is that the window i open when setting up my material? Where do i find the projection mode? 2. What is my Object Manager window and where do I choose fit object? 3. Where do I find in the cloner object: Fix texture - sraight? THANKS! EDIT: I found out everything by myself. it works! i have the image now on my clones! But where do i find the texture move tool? EDIT 2: Ok found the texture move tool too, it is getting embarrassing ! But now i really dont get how to set it up so the image is only on the top side of the clones... now the image is on the front back and on the sides. When i move it with the texture move tool it just wraps around the clones..!
  5. Hello Forum, I really need some help. I want to add an Image on the top side of a cube grid. I know it is possible with the multi shader or the mograph selection tag but I can not figure out how to do it. Google did not help much either. Does anyone has a link for a tutorial or can explain it in this topic? Thank you very much for your help!
  6. Hey guys, Yesterday i finished my first work in After Effects. It is meant as a Presentation for a Company who sells touch screens. I am still in Highschool and this video represents my skills in After Effects and Illustrator. I hope I get a lot of critism here and advice about things that could be better. The most difficult thing is still design. Colours, shapes etc... All the graphics are done in Illustrator. Here is the link: Thanks for the help!
  7. Hey leah!!! I watched your tutorials a few weeks back and i think you are very talented and you are one of the persons on my list to send an email to and ask about my school situation. As of right now many people told me to stay away from chicago because of situation there and even school wise even though i loooove chicago. It is such a hard choice and a very important one. I want to check out schools in NYC and see then. How did you start your career and do you know the best school in NYC?
  8. Thanks for the advise Edgard. I have thought about that for a year now. With the money I have to pay for college i could buy ten 8core Mac Pro and would not have to worry for a couple years if freelancing doesn't work out as well. I understand all that. But i have spent one year already in America and that was the happiest of my life that is one big reason why I want to move there and the only way i could with visa/money etc. would be to go to school. My parents saved up a lot of money for my college time and they wouldn't give me that moeny if i tell them i am going to teach myself and try to freelance... they want a degree... school... I have been working my ass off to learn design and all the programms and all that comes with it and so far i have been doing small commercials for local tv stations but I still want to go to college because I think that you can learn a lot from people or learning with people and not just in my basement with books.
  9. I meant this school : http://www.ilia.aii.edu/ when i started this thread. Now i am looking into other schools because obviously Ai is not a good choice and now i am gathering information about SCAD =)!
  10. Thanks a lot laughingcolors!! I am considering the Atlanta loacation, do you know anyone who graduated from there?
  11. Yeah lilpen i was talking about this one http://www.ilia.aii.edu/. Now i have heard from several people not only on this forum that this school is definately not worth the money. What do you mean by "they enjoyed their education at SCAD"? Was it just a nice atmosphere or do they think it was well worth it? Would it be possible to get in contact with someone you know who went to SCAD. So i can ask some question? That would be really awesome!!!
  12. Thanks for all the advise guys. I searched for some reviews from guys who went to that school and so far I have not heard much good about it. Does anyone know about the SCAD College in Atlanta?
  13. I am contact with Nick for quite some time. When i flew to chicago in April i visited him in Chicago at DK. We talked about school and stuff and today he sent me an email saying that SCAD would be the best school. The problem is that SCAD is in Atlanta and i would like to move to chicago so that is why i am asking what other people think of that school and if it is worth it =)! SCAD sounds pretty amazing and maybe i should choose the better education over personal preferences!
  14. Hello Forum, I am currently living in Germany but I plan on going to College next year for Media Arts at the Art Institute in Chicago. Has anyone here graduated from that school or knows anything about it. Is that school worth it? How are the classes/teacher? I would be thankful for any information you guys have on that school. Thanks for your help.
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