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  1. Hi, we at Happycamper have just wrapped up our latest project for China Mobile called "Wireless City" and would like to share it with you. The spots were made with a combination of cg and miniature models. If you find it interesting please feel free to share it on your site and we could also provide some more information about the process. Here´s links to the 3 spots - one 60 second and two 30 second variations. http://happycamper.t..._small_h264.mov http://happycamper.t..._small_h264.mov http://happycamper.t..._small_h264.mov Check it out and please also take a look at the case study on http://happycamper.tv/china-mobile-case-study
  2. http://happycamper.tv/wp-content/uploads/HappyCamper_reel_2011-H264_fullsize_10000kbs.mov
  3. Magic is an energy drink that is being re-launched this summer. We were asked to both come up with the idea for the spot, as well as direct and design the look for agency Ajax Active. It´s Showtime produced. Check out the spot:http://happycamper.t...ds/Magic_30.mov Please take a look at the case study http://happycamper.t...-natural-energy Director: http://happycamper.tv/
  4. Hi! The concept behind "Unbore Anything – Be a Festis" is a call to the consumers to be a part of making the world a bit more fun. It permeates the whole campaign, from design and the labels to the names of the different flavors and the commercials.Happycamper Motion Design Directed the 3 spots for Festis. Agency: Åkestam.HolstDirector: Happycamper Motion DesignProduction Company: It´s Showtime www.happycamper.tv Please check out the spots for Festis below. http://happycamper.t...nships_h264.mov http://happycamper.tv/wp-content/uploads/Festis_Mornings_H264.mov http://happycamper.t...randpa_H264.mov Best Andrés
  5. This spot was created for the main energy supplier RWE in Germany and we are very proud of it. Happycamper were asked to create an energy giant to be presented as the spokesperson for RWE, which resulted in this 2 minutes long, complete CGI spot. Directed by Andrés Rosas Hott, http://happycamper.tv/ http://happycamper.tv/rwe-the-energy-giant-case-studies
  6. Happycamper

    "The Pot"

    The IF Försäkringar commercials are based around a family of rats that play out different scenarios, which represent different types of insurances. Directed by Andrés Rosas Hott, http://happycamper.tv/ http://happycamper.tv/if-forsakringar-study-case Enjoy Andrés
  7. Happycamper is a multi-functional, design driven Motion Design Studio that are able to take a project from its initiation to completion. The open collaborative environment at the studio allows it’s directors and artists to explore paths, leading to new opportunities in creating diverse and unforgettable visuals. The studio was founded in 2008 by the two creative partners, after a long collaboration at various other studios, in order to give them the great opportunity to focus on their own style of motion graphics, animation and visual effects. http://happycamper.tv/ Enjoy Andrés
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