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    Mi name is Carlos Escárrega.<br /> I'm from Guerrero Negro, México.<br /> I'm a graduate from Design School in Tijuana, México.<br /> Now I'm in Buenos Aires Argentina in a Art Direction course.<br /> <br /> Besides Motion Design I also like Illustration and I'm learning some Web Design.
  1. Try Wipster : http://app.wipster.io/SignMeUp/AVkCAQA2zyrZ I've been using it for a couple of projects and it works great! It has an option to password protect the projects, and the one you invite to see it can add feedback right on top of the video
  2. Thanks! Yeah I don't like long reels either, this is just to showcase all the animations, I guess since they are a lot it doesn't get boring. I'll start working in a proper reel soon.
  3. In January 2013 I started to do a daily animation to improve my design and animation skills. A year has passed and here are the 365 animation I did. What do you think? You can see all the animations as animated gifs at http://www.yimbo.com.mx/blog/365-rounds/
  4. Yimbo

    Yimbo Reel 2013

    Here is my latest Reel. What do you think?
  5. Hi Rick. Does the scripts work in R12? Thanks
  6. I can't get the script working in r12, how you do it?
  7. Yimbo

    YImbo - Showreel

    @dan_hin @adam_etypical : Thanks for your comment. I Agree with you, I'm still working in some stuff for the reel, specially with the intro/outro parts, also I'm going to put a couple of new projects to replace the repeated shots. @electricpaul : Thanks for your not so hardcore critique hahaha. To get the vimeo videos posted you just have to put this : : in the "yourvideonumber" just copy/paste the numbers on the url of your video. Thanks again.
  8. Yimbo

    YImbo - Showreel

    Here's my latest showreel. i'm trying to improve it, and I heard that I could get some good and hardcore critiques here at Mograph.net, so let me know what you think. If you want to see more of my work visit my site : yimbo.com.mx or my blog at yimbo.com.mx/blog
  9. Yimbo

    Denise Reel 2009

    I think that the main problem with your reel it's that is too long, it shouldn't be longer than 40 seconds.
  10. Yimbo

    2009 reel

    I liked the VFX and Compissiting part, althought the monks with demon hands it's a bit shaky. The main issues with the reel and the site is the Design, maybe you are more of a VFX guy, and if it so maybe you should take out the Motion Graphics of the reel and make it shorter.
  11. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=M7heQxrkGQs This is my last project. You can see more info of it at : http://yimbo.com.mx/...e-lucas-updated
  12. What do you think if this video. Toolkit: Boujou. Cinema 4D Photoshop After Effects. To see more visit : yimbo.com.mx
  13. Yimbo


    Nice work. A little long but it kept me hooked from beggining to end. The only thing that bothers me is the banding on the background.
  14. Hi. Thanks for your critique, it's very helpfull. Definetly I'm going to work harder in my reel, specially on my intro. Thanks a lot.
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