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  1. Nameson


    Hi everyone, I would like some kind of quotations on my reel. I'm curious what you guys think about it. 2 years ago I started with motion graphics and post production, so this is my first showreel. it contains work from 2009 until now. hope you like it. thanks for watching. WATCH IT ON VIMEO
  2. Nameson

    HERTZ intro

    Please watch my new animation. It's an intro for a new party concept. (http://www.facebook.com/Hertz.be) 3D motion graphics: cinema 4d editing: final cut sound/music: logic post production: after effects WATCH IT ON VIMEO enjoy! comments welcome. thanks
  3. i had the same problem a few years ago. rendering a architectural animation on an old imac 512 mb ram... took about 3 weeks for 3min. with a deadline of 5 days i had to lower the resolution too. stuff happen. :-)
  4. very nice colors an shading indeed. pity to see all that interlacing in the video about modernity/antiquity. ' anyway, very nice
  5. Nameson

    Herock 3D

    1) I asked myself the same question; is the camera movement not too much. 2) I did the fade because the slogan: wear it- work it, had to be placed under it, so did the url. I looked weird to place on on the original footage. 3) maybe you're right about the timing/contrast thing. 4) it's indeed a standalone piece. I'll keep your remarks in mind in future projects. thanks for the advise. K.
  6. Nameson

    Herock 3D

    watch again with SOUND ON
  7. Nameson

    Herock 3D

    http://www.vimeo.com/7726123 logo animation for herock (new belgian work clothing brand) WATCH WITH SOUND ON comments welcome. thanks for watching. K.
  8. very nice! especially the last part. I recently finfished a project with mograph dynamics too: http://www.vimeo.com/7726123
  9. Nameson


    I hope your a tutor in the re(e)al world, cause it's a good thing listening to your words ;-)
  10. Nameson


    Thanks a lot Binky. This stuff you're talking about is really very interesting! First of al, it was indeed not a good idea to call this a reel. It might got better reactions when I called it something like 3D text-adventures ... But anyway, the stuff you say is really helpfull. It's actualy the first time I am teached in some kind of way. Til now I learned everything by myself. Thanks to you, my post is no longer pure dammage to my reputation. But an interesting learning episode. It's too much to reply all the things you say, but I have to agree in almost any case. Just one more thing to defend myself, I told it before in this thread. It was ment to be a show-off of techniques/styles and effects into a sort of manifesto for this company. But you are right anyway. When you say it s moste of the time ugly. no offence, but I can't really agree. I think there are quit a few nice things in there. But that's my opinion. Anyway, you say very truthfull things and I appreciate it a lot! I'll keep your words in mind. Thanks again! I'll probably read it at least one more time. K.
  11. Nameson


    what do you mean exactly? English is not my native language.
  12. Nameson


    thanks for the advise. comments like this are interesting and motivating. choosing words carefully is essential if you really want to share your vision. just like i should be much more selective in using effects to get my message through. I just want to ad one more thing to defend my work: it was ment to show a variety of techniques and styles. it was more of a technical show-off than a carefully designed piece of motion graphics. But anyway, you have a point. I know I have a lot to learn, but I'm gonna get there. Be aware you mograph-superstars, Kithhock is on his way... K.
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