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  1. It seems using a null object is the ideal way to control a camera, but what about a particle system? I'm having trouble rotating particular with a null...
  2. whoa screenr is pretty cool... looks like they host the videos too
  3. Cool thanks for the replies! I checked out greyscale gorilla-found a bunch of great stuff but couldn't find a tutorial on tutorials...
  4. Hi, my first post here... I did a search (using mograph.org) but didn't find any immediate threads on this topic, so I apologize if it's been done... Wanted to start a discussion on how people make their own video tutorials. I've messed around with CamStudio, but huge .avis are no fun to deal with. Jing is pretty cool but only exports to SWF unless you pay $15 for the year, then you can export mp4. Those of you with experience, would you upload to vimeo or youtube? Or host yourself?
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