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  1. Ah, yes, I meant to ask about that. I'll try again but so far I've been unable to access them...
  2. Hiya nirrad, Another basic question from me (I'm trying to learn, I promise): When I was building the model in SolidWorks I understood the mating system, etc. If I want to use a similar system to make the chain links stay together when I moved them like, say, into the spiral that you mentioned, what should I use to do that? Cheers for all the help so far. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm sure this has come up before, but I'll ask as I am using a specific website to build my computer from. I'm using www.lambda-tek.com and their PC Designer service. I'm trying to build a desktop workstation that I can use to build and render C4D scenes at home (I use my laptop at university but want something dedicated and more powerful to use at home to speed things up). I'm looking to spend between 300-400 pounds on the system. Basically my request is for someone to go to the http://www.lambda-te...uting/index.htm page and have a look at the options available in terms of processors, etc, and perhaps offer me some guidance as to the best configuration? I realise this is a HORRIBLY amateur request but, while I can use the software pretty well, I am pretty much clueless as to how to assemble the hardware! Cheers! P.S. I don't need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. Probably won't need the OS, either.
  4. Hi all, I've designed a pencil case that I would like to act like a bike chain (I posted previously when I was having some trouble with the texturing (now resolved!)). I built the model in SolidWorks and then exported the VRML to to C4D. I would like to animate the length of chain (with pencils in it) rolling up, and wondered how I might go about this in C4D? The pictures I've posted below should demonstrate the model I'm working with and what I'd like is for it to roll up as a spiral, finishing as a roll. I have a feeling it might involve a lot of selection of individual selection of components but I'm willing to do that. Cheers! Dan
  5. Wow, just did what you said and it looks great! Thank you very much. Dan
  6. Hi Colin, Thanks, I'll give that a try. I created the model in SolidWorks. Only just getting used to the tag system in C4D and finding out new things every day! EDIT: Ok, probably jumped ahead of myself there. How do I assign a texture to world space...? I found the stick texture tag.
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to do something which is probably quite simple but I'm having trouble with it. I've modelled a bike-chain-like pencil case and I would like to show how the pencils are a range of colours. I would like to texture the pencils to show a spectrum but there are quite a lot of them and to texture them all individually would take forever! I was wondering if it would be easier to use BodyPaint, select all the pencils on one side, then use the paint-bucket tool to put a spectrum fill on them? Basically I'm appealing to anyone who might have any ideas as to how to do this without it taking forever! The links below might shed some light on what I'm trying to do... Cheers for any help! Dan
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