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  1. The folks at JustinMcClure.tv have launched a new tool for motionographers and video professionals. A quick way to browse, group and edit contacts from Vimeo. Check it out: www.artistcue.com.
  2. Somehow I've never seen mograph news before. Very cool site. Kind of like a nicely curated delicious bookmark list. Albo: no prob, thx for keeping up a great site.
  3. Thanks for the props guys. I'm glad that people are finding it useful. It was originally concepted as an in house tool but it was just too useful not too share. Please let me know if we are missing any important resources.
  4. Shameless self plug, but also just some info for you. Us folks over at JustinMcClure.tv have just launched a news aggregator/feed scraper motion graphics news site at: www.squeezeme.tv. So far it looks pretty cool.
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