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  1. Thanks for the info. Tryna get all the info I can from industry professionals
  2. Yeah I saw that PDF awhile ago. But cudnt find it again thanks. I saw somewhere that jumps in pay come from switching companies rather than staying at one place? Anybody have any input on this? @DaveGlanz :-/ those freelance rates seem high especially for a beginner. I know flame artist call that much but designer/animator idk man. Even salary seems high for an entry level. Idk any company giving 50-60k for entry level.
  3. Hey guys, Just wondering what's the average salary for a Mid Level Designer / Animator, let's say in the NY area? (and maybe senior level) Do any of you guys find that staying at one studio offers a better chance at pay increase rather than hoping from studio to studio? Just somewhat curious. Thanks.
  4. Thanks so much guys. Binky I never thought about the reel in that way thanks for giving me some insight I'll will see what I can do. BTW good catch on the site, I was a little too precious with the thesis, lol. Thanks tho I will make those changes really appreciate it.
  5. AVDstudios 2011 Reel Just graduated from Parsons so tryna improve my stuff as much as possible.
  6. Hey Guys, Trying to get a 3D model of a sneaker printed up. I was wondering if textures such as bump/displacement maps would work when getting things 3D printed? If anyone knows about 3D printing please let me know.
  7. For cinema(project settings) its set to 30fps default, and for maya in the preference settings i set it to ntsc real time 30fps. Maybe there is another place to set that? Also I pulled that same fbx back into C4D and it worked fine, so something is going wrong during the import to maya.
  8. I have a 600 frame camera animation in C4D that I exported to an FBX when I import that FBX to maya that camera animation is now 400 frames, does anyone know have any suggestions on how to solve this issue. It's definitely an issue with maya importing the FBX.
  9. yeah these guys messed up when they shot this stuff i have no way to pull a track now for the backplate soo frustrating.
  10. yeah there is nothing to track to on this one clip im looking at now theres five clips and they just keep getting worse is there anyway to create some ??
  11. Ok ill try that but what if there are no tracking points(or targets) at all in the shot just green background?
  12. lol yeah theres no way i can reshoot this, and i didnt have anything to do with the shoot i was given the footage to work on so i gotta figure something out.
  13. So i have this clip with a zoom in/ pull out, then steady for a few mins then zoom im/ pull out again. Its a clip of 3 guys standing against the green screen. The targets on the green screen are blurry during close ups and sometimes not visible, and when the camera pulls out everything is visible and targets are apparent. Basically my problem is the camera solve from boujou doesn't last throughout the entire clip just the ending, maybe the last 30sec or so. Any tips on how to go about fixing this? Thanks -Dre
  14. yeah i was tryna pull them into boujou, ended up receiving animation codec versions on the files thanks guys.
  15. Hey does anyone know how to read DPX files on PC.
  16. thanks scott i will check that out
  17. alright guys i guess theres really no shortcut i will bite the bullet and spend a few days on it
  18. yeah but its really pulling alot out of the shot to the point were its basically gone, i also used primatte keyer 4.1 i believe thats pretty good but still some masking has to be done, i was just checking because I want to get things done fast and rotoscoping 24 clips is gunna take forever.
  19. Hey there guys, Im doing a freelance job that invovles some keying out cars(super reflective and some windows). Is there anyway i can get a great key fast if so what recommendations do you guys have, in terms of programs or plugins. Thanks -Dre
  20. ok I'll see what that looks like at around 30sec thanks for your opinion.
  21. DreVanGough


    I like what your doing here to make it more believable maybe you can have the reflections in his eye, glows on his face, and since he's wearing a leather jacket maybe you can have highlight on there too. Those are little things overall i really like it.
  22. hmm damn should i cut some of the robot to balance it out or should i keep it? let me know thanks.
  23. I agree with the above comment, your intro has to be a tease almost, i usually watch a reel and go off how sexy the intro is and then i continue to watch, your content was good but most of it can be cut down to about 30-40 sec, you have to remove yourself from you work and look at it like your dealing with collage pieces i know that maybe hard but its the approach i took recently and it helped. Its all about putting your best foot forward.
  24. Newly Cut 2010 reel the last one just wasn't flowing right for me: http://vimeo.com/8589752 I've been doing Motion and 3D for about a year and I'm Junior at Parsons and hoping to make some more fun stuff goin into my thesis year. Let me know what you guys think.
  25. Hello everyone I got my first freelance job for motion the other day and was wondering were can I find a template contract for such. I need to cover my ass just encase someone tries to screw me over. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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