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  1. We've just completed a job for Christian Louboutin where the viewer is plunged into a fluidly surreal world, moving from the abstract to the incredible and back again on an ever-evolving journey through pure invention. From meadows to mines to car washes, each scene flows from one to the next using clever transitions, creating surprise and continuity as the Cart propels the viewer into each new scene. The incredible audio was composed and designed by Boy of Toys Audio. Project completed in Cinema 4D and all rendered in Octane.



  2. Hey,


    Just finished up a side project I had been doing in my own time. Ive always been a lover of typography so wanted to create my own font that could be used in animation.


    All comments welcome.




  3. Thanks ChrisC for your comment. I don't come on here for compliments so was good to get something meatier :)


    My reel was mainly based for the agency side to gain work as soon as possible, in which case I figured a variety of brand names was more important. Also being full time for the last 4 years I don't feel like anything I have is really stand out or best showcases my abilities. For now I'm happy to do this sort of work to get paid while I do my own stuff in my own time. By next year I would love a much more 'clever' put together reel with none of the 'standard' mograph crap you see here. Just need to get settled first.


    With the short time frame frame issue I guess your referring to the PSG piece. I agree and was in two minds when putting it up. I'm not particularly proud of it as a piece of work but I am really proud that I managed to put the whole thing together in a day. Its also for two huge brands so comes back to the whole agency thing again. Will change the text though.


    Thanks again for your comments.

  4. Hey,


    Good stuff. I think the main thing would be to have a more interesting intro / outro as its always a good chance to be creative. There are also bits of work that don't really match up to the quality of the rest (Juwenalia + Video Outdoor come to mind). I think you could crop these out and have a faster edit for a more impactful reel. With a quicker edit you could crop it at around 0:40 with the sound dip. Keeping it short but sweet.


    Anyway that's all my thoughts, all the best,



  5. Hey,


    I've missed this place. Almost forget it existed for the past couple of years.


    Working on this animated infographic about facts of visual communication. Wanted some fresh eyes. There are still a few errors in there that need ironing out. Tight deadlines mean this has already been sent out so want to give my eyes a few weeks off before I come back to it. Main priority is to redo the end line to try to make it as interesting as the rest. I am questioning the readability so thoughts on that would be good.



    Password: info


    All comments welcome.





  6. Hello,


    I have recently upgraded my website and showreel and would like some of your thought's please.




    Any comments of how to improve either (although my HTML skills are limited as my website comes from a template) would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to land a job in London.


    Brief History: Graduated last year and spent the time since then improving my skills and portfolio aswell as doing some freelance work. I am moving down to London in August so am trying to get a full time job by then.


    I have had two interviews in the past 2 months with no luck but there seems to be a real shortage of junior designer openings so was wondering if anyone else had any advice or is in the same position.


    Thanks in advance,




    P.S Before someone mentions it, I don't think anything is wrong with my interview technique :)

  7. Thanks for all the help last time.


    Things have gone much slower than expected due to other work but have made some changes to my reel and my site.


    Just to let those who helped me last time see the progess. Still plan to update the rest the reel with suggestions when I get the time. And all comments are welcome.


    Showreel - http://www.chrisjoyceportfolio.co.uk/Showreel.html


    Site - http://www.chrisjoyceportfolio.co.uk/



  8. To Dan _hin thank you again that all sounds like good advise. I have looked at 100s of Showreels but never really tryied to pull them apart or critique them intensively. And I will add those books (i assume they are books) to my collection.


    To jaan you appear to be doing a great job on here. When I signed up I only expected a few lines feedback but you and Dan_him have done very well. And I am please you have picked me as you surely cant do this for every piece that come in in this much detail so thank you. I only said 2 months to give myself a deadline although that might now be longer as I have to do my work in the evening which isnt easy after a day of work anyaway.


    One thing Im not 100% on what you mean by 'linear keyframes' could you please expand futher as it seems to be a good point.


    I like your 'boot camp idea' and will somehow plan those tips into my weekly routine.


    Oh and I live in england but would like to work in London.


    So thank you very much for your time you have been a great help.

  9. So I've been watching Greyscale Gorilla's tutorial critique blog, hopefully this will take the sting out!


    What's your background? Are you a student looking to get work or self-taught? I only ask because a lot of this is still quite raw. You can definitely improve on your camera work (it's very start-stop, not particularly natural), animation and typography.


    The good - I liked the AIDS thing (nice colour work and design, animation..not so much), the DNA profile (again good design and animation) and Clutter Knot (which was head and shoulders above the rest, I think it was the lack of robo-cam!) - lots of good attention to detail.

    And these sections looked original too.


    The bad - There were too many tutorials in there. I've seen that sketched line tut, and the 3D door before. And as a skateboarder, Skatepro was probably the most patronising advert/design I've ever seen, and that includes those cringeworthy SunnyD adverts.. you didn't have anything in there which I associated with skateboarding! The lighting, texturing and composition on the white space bit really needs work. It was very computery. I didn't understand the significance of the frog (or why it Form-disintegrated) in the "your planet needs you" bit. Finally your end sting should have impact. It didn't look like you'd put an awful lot of thought into it, and worst of all your site URL was difficult to read.


    So I noticed when you had done stuff that was original (well at least I hadn't seen it before wink.gif ) it actually worked much better than the tuts. you at least gave the impression that you'd put more work in. I think you really need to study camera work (ie - learn the limits of real world cameras before you start steadicamming all over the shop), and you really should vary your shot choice. instead of just using one shot to display an animation, why not break things up and use two or three? eg on your opening spot you could have been close up on each word (separate shots mind) then pulled out to reveal the completed logo or whatever. More shots = more variation and more edit choice.

    I also think that if you're going to do work for personal projects then you need to set yourself a rigorous brief and really work at the design before you start animating. Design is about problem solving and if you don't have a problem to solve then what you produce will at best turn into a tech demo (however cool it looks) and at worst question why you've bothered in the first place.

    Finally: please, please, take that sketch tut off the start of your reel. Make something original - perhaps your own logo - and animate that instead.


    Sorry about the essay - hope this ramble has been of some use. Looking forward to the next iteration of your reel; good luck!




    Thats for the quick reply and never thought I would get such a quick response. It seems like I have a lot to do in the next 2 months :)


    Anyway I have just finsihed University and decided to redo my showreel and learn more along the way. Your points I agree with and with some I already had similar feelings about just sort of rushed into it to instantly get feedback. I had the idea for the intro before I saw the tutorial it just seemed a good way to go at the time. (Realised the mistake now)

    The 3d door have not seen before but will change that if you say its common. Like you mentioned with set briefs I find thats my problem. Clutter Knot for example was a real world brief so I naturally put more work into it. Creating briefs for myself I do find hard so any tips for brainstroming them would be good.

    Your 'camera' point was one of my concerns aswell after wactching my showreel back through. Sounds silly but I never thought of looking into real world cameras before, so I will give it a go.


    And the frog was a tutorial to :)


    So thanks for all your help not sure how long it will take to change things as have to do it all in the evenings but I hope to progress it through soon.


    All the best

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