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    RKIVE9 is the portfolio of graphic designer Janek Walczak. Born in Poznan, Poland in 1986, Janek is a Canadian designer focusing on interactive media and motion graphics. Since 2006 he has the opportunity to work for an international range of clients and some great companies including Bitcasters, B-Reel, and Fuel Industries. Outside of work he has also managed a short career as a semi-proffesional soccer player however now only plays recreationally.<br /> <br /> Currently Janek is freelancing in Paris, France.
  1. Here the link jannycakes.com/squid.zip
  2. Hey guys, Ive UV unwrapped a squid model im working on and once I bring back my displacement map from zbrush im getting weird stretching. Heres what im doing: - unwrap model - export obj - import to zbrush - morph target - divide 4 and apply rough alpha texture on the area i want to test - back to div 1 and switch my morph target - create displacement map - back into cinema 4D Any tips? The only thing I can think of is I screwed up my UV's yet Ive re unwrapped 4 times and I still get the same results. Thanks, download the source files here: My link Jan
  3. Lennart, incredible...thank you so much for that "point Object". I struggled with the silly posemixer for an hour and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. /j
  4. Hey Voz, Here it is: jannycakes.com/bottle.zip I had to take off logos due to copyright so I may need to add another material or two. Thanks /j
  5. The problem Im facing is the following. My cd requested I provide him with 15 - 30 variations of lighting/material/textures for a new cosmetics bottle. The model Im working on uses about 5 separate materials all ready (gradients, alphas, bumps, logo etc.) so Im either duplicating my bottle and applying duplicated (5 X 30) textures one by one to each new model or replacing textures on a single bottle. Both these methods are a bit inefficient, is there a better way to quickly swap between all materials on an object? I know I can organize my material library into layers but this doesnt help me much, thoughts? /j
  6. is stoked to have joined the mograph community

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