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  1. True i kinda did the goldfish for fun tho. Was fooling around with a camera a day before and filmed that 4 fun I have a whole set of other blended stuff.... I know it's a bit redundent tho prob take it out in the real reel that I pass to clients and post houses
  2. just completed my reel would love some good comments btw in the end of the reel that gold fish is safe and still swimming in the bowl....
  3. oh thanks, yea i felt it was a bit long thinking of editing it down to under 1.50. will keep your comments in mind when i change the reel... waiting for some stuff i have done recently to go off air... before i put em in.
  4. This is my reel for 2009 its still pretty much a wip i need some constructive comments on what to trim on as i am going to start sending out this reel at the end of the year. I have deleted the previous one and update it with this one. http://www.vimeo.com/7314856 ty in advance for checking out my work.
  5. fixing the edit... will upload a newer one with some other stuff and take out a few dated ones as well.
  6. Hi there, name is Faizal, I am a motion graphic artist base in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I started doing motion graphics about 4 years ago, . This is my portfolio, feel free to give your comments and critiques on the work i have done. All the jobs on that reel are real jobs. Done fully or in part by my self. And about 90% of them are done fully in AE. on a side note... anyone knows why when i rendered out and output into Vimeo it turned much more darker than it supposed to be?
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