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  1. Download Here: http://bluefx.net/store/ You can have this After Effects Template for Free. Just become a Fan (Push Like) of my FacebookFan Page Resolution: 1920×1080 Full HD Requiered Plugins: NONE Sound:Not Included CS3, CS4 and CS5 Compatible
  2. I have created a new free after effects project file called "light Show" Check it out: http://bluefx.net/store It also has a video tutorial and the audio track included. Easy to get the project file,you can download it if you click "Like" on my Facebook page Thank you
  3. http://www.bluefx.net/blog/12-how-to-share-your-screen/ Hope this tutorial is helpful, let me know what you think Thanks
  4. http://www.bluefx.ne...ig-video-files/
  5. Yep you are right, I dose not look to realistic yet, will do some test later with Particular maybe I can enhance the look. Thanks!
  6. The holidays are around the corner so I prepared a short falling snow animation for you. I used Trapcode Particular to create the snow flakes. You can download it for free! Enjoy http://www.bluefx.net/blog/free-christmas-snow-after-effects-project/
  7. In this tutorial I will show you how to properly save/organize your Cinema 4D, After Effects and Sony Vegas Projects for backup. You will learn how to eliminate those missing file errors when opening an old/moved project. Feel free to comment, ad new ideas or suggestions http://www.bluefx.ne...vegas-projects/
  8. Hey guys, I have been experimenting with a couple of particle effects, initially I used this project to create a banner form my old site. You can download the files here. http://www.bluefx.net/blog/free-snowstorm-project/
  9. I have created a project with some interesting effects, the trick to this is that I used absolutely no keyframes on the animation. Are you curios? Download the project file here and see how it was made http://www.bluefx.net/blog/no-keyframes-free-after-effects-project/
  10. Complex projects (like some after effects templates) require a different work style in After Effects, in this tutorial I will show you how to work fast and efficiently on those render heavy compositions. http://www.bluefx.net/blog/modify-render-preview-heavy-projects-in-after-effects/
  11. In this quick tutorial I will show you how to convert a video to flash and how to add player controls enabling the full-screen option. You will need Adobe Flash to follow along. here is an example for the video player control http://www.bluefx.net/blog/09-add-flash-player-controls-to-your-video/
  12. In this tutorial you will see how to import a Sony Vegas project to After Effects. http://www.bluefx.net/blog/import-sony-vegas-projects-to-after-effects/
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