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  1. Amazing tutorials..thanks for the link too! Made everything very clear and have now been playing around for the last 10 hours! v addictive! Cheers
  2. Hey Chroma..thank you so much!! Will try that out and see how I get on! Just checked out CMIvfx..signing up right away! it IS the shiznit! Again, many thanks!
  3. Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a great celebration! I'm messing around with TP and have stumbled at one of the first hurdles! I've drawn a bunch of Particles using Pdraw and have connected them to a Wind Node. I can see the particle display without a problem but just cannot figure out how to actually add an object, or polygon geometry to the particles I drew with Pdraw. Any help would be really appreciated! Many thanks. D
  4. DBOT

    Texture Masks

    Thanks Bakahatsu! Will give it a go! And..yes.in C4D!
  5. Hey folks! I am trying to achieve a very simple effect within my material in C4Dl, however I am finding it very difficult to figure out how to go about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I have a material within which I have two bitmap images. These are both exactly the same except for their color. I am trying to move a mask across one of these to reveal the image below...is this possible? Ideally I just want to make a mask within the material which can move over time to hide/reveal one of the bitmaps from the other. Any help would be fab!!! Thank you!
  6. Hey ChrisC...that looks amazing! Thanks so much for your reply and for including the project file for viewing. I've taken a look and am confused as to where you've used the proximal? I'm such a novice at this but with so much ambition it's driving me nuts! If you know of a tutorial which would save you the time explaining to me that would be great. Again, thank you!
  7. Hey folks, Great site here with loads of great help! I am new to C4D and have a specific question regarding an effect I am trying to create. If anyone has any idea as to how to help I'd really appreciate it! Basically, I'm creating a 3D map image (as in an actual geographic map of a country) and want to show the "spread" of a disease across the land by using a color that fills the entire map graphic over time. Kinda like a liquid spreading across a surface but no need for the liquid effect. This may be a real easy thing to do but I'm tryna figure out the way that gives me the most control over where the color starts to move across the surface, how quickly it moves and where it stops. Again, any help would be really appreciated! Thanks!!
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