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  1. This person is a spammer

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    The Google redirect is back. 3DKiwi
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    Pending upgrade

    I note your forum version is 3.0.1. 3.0.4 is the current version and has numerous bug fixes since 3.0.1. 3.0.5 should be out within about a week. Regards 3DKiwi
  4. Hi everyone. This thread was drawn to my attention. I will clarify things for anyone having issues with C4D Cafe. After you register you have to respond to the instant validation email. One this is done you have to wait until my Admin person manually approves your account. This is usually done twice every 24 hours. While you are waiting you will not be able to post, download anything or use search. Unfortunately due to the ever increasing number of people signing up bogus account with the intention of spamming or getting up to mischief we have been forced to take this step. By manually approving new accounts we also can reject people who sign up with silly names. The name "SP3KTR" is not acceptable to us. It might be here but it's not at the cafe. That would likely explain the problems SP3KTR encountered. We say in our conditions of joining that names have to be able to be pronounced in English and also they can't all be in capitals. Name also can't contain non Alpha Numeric character so the name "beau+++" is not acceptable either although the forum software should automatically reject a name like this. We also reject / delete new accounts where the person joining writes in nonsense for module information. We also eject new accounts where the email address contains offensive language. There are too many bogus accounts being signed up for us to contact each person who signs up to work through their application. Most people who sign up and choose a normal sounding member name and fill in their C4D version and module information will have no issues joining. I would be able to assist anyone having problems in getting an account set up at C4D Cafe. Just send me an email: 3dkiwi @ c4dcafe.com (remove the 2 spaces) Regards Nigel / 3DKiwi p.s. We don't moderate new members first few posts anymore since we manually approve new accounts.
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