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  1. Hi folks, I've started a particular project to do some light streaks but was wondering whether anyone has had better results with xparticles. I have a shot where lights are spinning around a 3d element so it would be advantageous to stay within C4D. I set up a spinning sprite and made an align to spline tag for an emitter as I would in particular but haven't nailed the quality of render that I can get from particular. Any body have experience with the best sort of material/trail object settings it would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks folks, will definitely make up some custom render outputs, enable HUD and use that nifty watermark feature.
  3. cheers, I could do that I suppose. In a perfect world I want to also have lots of HUD information, deformed showing up, wireframe display, frame number etc that I can enable for any comp.
  4. I often come across a conundrum of having to show a rough work in progress / animatic / wireframe output from cinema 4d even once I have my project looking nice in terms of lighting and textures. To show a state that looks unfinished I then have to uncheck options in render settings, , disable AA, remove textures and lights and then add display options and then enable HUD displays. Has anyone discovered a quick way to make a crappy render from a nice looking scene to show interim progress to clients? Better still packaged it up into an output template/scene/plugin that is easily implemented. thank you in advance!
  5. I'd forgotten about this issue but its been addressed in R14. The AEC file to AE now has Left and Right cameras.
  6. I've had various successes with Multiprocessing too. Is there a good rule to play by in terms of CPU reserved for other apps as well as Ram allocation per background CPU's that people use?
  7. I 2nd or 3rd adobe media encoder. Super fast and the inbuilt mainconcept h264 encoder is the best for saturation and gamma shift that I've used to date.
  8. I made one months back too, please cannibalize or perhaps we can join forces. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x6FFMkk5Kd_Od3JuJqmdpANnrwLS_Mw6kNLoUCoPLWg/edit cheers, simon
  9. We were trying some camera projection as in simulating a real projector and found a nifty technique. Camera mapping a texture and also adding a texture to a light both have their disadvantages. Camera mapping technique means all of your objects need to be grouped and you get tearing . Using a texture on a light wont respect perspective when you move the light back in z. If you nest a camera in a light, add a texture to that light and set the mapping to camera mapping of the nested camera you get a result as you would with a real projector. The advantage of not only being optically correct is that you can project onto an object with existing textures. http://twitpic.com/aymkuy Anyone else worked out any other methods? cheers, simon
  10. I think that the camera exported via aec is the middle of the stereoscopic camera. Unless Maxon add this ability in an update to c4d perhaps some clever person may be able to write some xpresso to calculate new cameras from the stereoscopic data such as eye separation, convergence etc inorder to create new cameras. Any takers??
  11. ....a follow up response when asked as to when this will be fixed: Hello Simon Bronson, unfortunately this is no bug, that can be fixed but a limitation what means it will not work without a complete rewrite. This means it will take a long time until it will work or it won't work anytime. Kind regards, Sandro Wojcik Technical Support
  12. Got this from Maxon today incase you were wondering: Hello Simon Bronson, this is a limitation of the AfterEffects export possibility. Only one of the stereoscopic cameras will be exported into AfterEffects through the aec file. You will have to add the second camera manually. Kind regards, Sandro Wojcik Technical Support
  13. I'm having trouble exporting out the stereo camera from c4d r13 to after effects via the composing project file (aec) export. I'm selecting stereoscopic in render settings and have experimented with the different modes. In after effects I only get a camera in the Left eye comp while the right eye comp lacks any cameras and nulls. Anyone had this experience or solution? thanks in advance, simon
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