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  1. hi sorry, i should have mentioned in my post: i am talking about c4d to simplify the above post: In the timeline, why the behavior of tangents manipulation effects spatial interpolation along with temporal? (it ends up manipulating the trajectory of the object, while all i seek is to manipulate the speed only) is there a way to manipulate them independently? (i am not talking about the time curve solution) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7603341/Clipboard02.jpg thanks m.
  2. hi everyone, i am having a hard time understanding why manipulating the curves in the timeline menu has any effect on the objects trajectory? is there anything i am missing? i had the impression that the curves on the timeline only manipulates the velocity and the trajectory is left alone to be manipulated in the editor view. perhaps there is a way to do this, perhaps i do not know / havent managed to find it out yet! ideally i would like to manipulate the velocity curves through the xyz curves in the timeline and the trajectories in the viewport directly. PS: i am aware of the time curve (special curve) but i would rather use that as a backup option i would be indebted to anyone who can shed some light on this matter. thanks in advance m.
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