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  1. (Video inside) Hey! Problem with Hair tag: Constraint, in combination with a object in Mograph On a Spline i have the tags: Constraint, Spline dynamic In the Constraint tag i've set 1 spline point to object A. and clicked set. the other end of the spline sticks to a null object. Object A is in a cloner object.. My goal is that the spline point sticks to the pivot point of object A (like a rope).. It doesnt work, Here a short video example --------------------------------- Spline | Tag: Constraint, Spline Dynamic Cloner object L Object A
  2. Hey Boys n Girls anybody know why bumpmaps doesn't work on metaball?, short video example -> http://vimeo.com/17028250 Thanks, Apriciate
  3. Hey guys, love you comments on my latest 3d work! cheers!
  4. Hey guys! I a student motion designer at the moment and i loved to hear your critique http://vimeo.com/8000276 Thanks!
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