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  1. I am having trouble keeping the end of a Dynamic IK chain tied to the goal object. It's behaving almost as I need it to except when I press play, the chain sags and doesn't stay connected to the goal object. I'm not sure what type of constraint tag I may be missing or if there is a setting in the IK dynamics that would solve the problem. http://img821.images...kchainsetup.jpg http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2904609/Dynamic%20IK%20setup.c4d Thanks!
  2. I've had this issue several times in the past using xpresso to link position properties... I think I have my projects set up correctly, because things catch up when the animation is paused. However, during playback and at render, the position seems to be offset by about 1 frame. Not only in this particular set up, but also in other situations such as using an align to spline tag. Am I missing some sort of priority checkbox? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2904609/xpresso%20Delay.c4d
  3. Turn on motion blur for both 3d layers in the precomp. The motion blur settings will carry into your main comp. Also, the switch is "Collapse Transformations" for comp layers, and "Continuously Rasterize" for vector layers.
  4. Hitting alt G creates the group with the parent null selected, so instead of reshowing all the layers, you can just right click on the layer in the layer pallet and choose add objects to layer. This will add the parent null to the soloed layer without having to go back to the outliner. This was really helpful for me in a recent project.
  5. I might be over simplifying this... but why not just make a new light for each null and then make each of those lights a child of each null and zero out the position? Once the lights are in place you could just adjust the intensities...
  6. Seems like you could get the effect by lowering the initial poly count in your plane, make it editable and triangulate it, and then change the phong angle to something really low to get the faceted look.
  7. Is anyone interested in starting this back up? I live downtown and work at Elevation (elevate.tv). I'd be excited to meet up with any mographers in the area. Motion graphics are fun, beer is fun and having beers with motion graphics enthusiasts seems like more fun.....
  8. Saw this tutorial a few weeks back.... http://lesterbanks.com/2011/07/creating-dynamic-wrinkles-creases-with-the-tension-tag-in-cinema-4d/ Pretty interesting technique that could be helpful in this situation.
  9. I'm attempting to make a semi realistic river using the add the sea plugin for C4D. This example from the plugin website shows what I am trying to do. I need to make several stationary rocks that create these sort of wakes as the waves pass around. http://add-the-sea.de/plugins/addthesea/reloaded/anis/heckwaves01.mov I've been able to create the wake using moving objects, but not on rocks that stay in place. I dont know if this is a type of wave like a drop wave or if it is part of the coast tag or something else entirely... The documentation on the site is pretty limited and the tutorials have no sound and many of them are in german. It's been difficult to get a hang on this plugin, but it seems like it should accomplish what I am trying to do. Any help would be much appreciated
  10. Oh Man!! This is great! Thanks so much!
  11. Overall I thought the reel was good... I found myself seeing pieces and thinking "wow that's cool!" What I thought you should leave out was the character animation pieces like the running guy at the beginning and the dancing robot. The other work has a sense of atmosphere and the pieces feel finished. Those two animations felt like they were lacking the lighting, compositing and polish of the mograph stuff. Also, the gradient background on the dancing robot is also pretty heavily banded and the compression seems worse than the rest of the videos. Other than that, I think its great!
  12. I also forgot to mention that when I uncheck render hair, it still says "preparing" before it starts rendering so I'm thinking that it's not actually related to the hair.
  13. Hmn... interesting. My scene still says "preparing hair" and then "rendering hair" in the active view, but then in addition also the generic "preparing" in the picture viewer. "Preparing" happens first, then "preparing hair". Is the "preparing" part of using dynamic hair or is that something else? Thanks anothername
  14. I have a really heavy scene that uses hair for vegetation and also has several instances of fairly high poly plants. I've got display tags on the plants with a really low level of detail. When I render in the active view, the scene takes about 6 min per frame, but when I render it in the picture viewer it spends forever in the beginning of each frame "preparing," which it doesn't do in the active view. This extra calculation jumps the render time up to about 24 min. I know in the rendering options I can tick the box for "Use Display tag LOD" and also lower the the scene LOD, but it still spends about 6 minutes "preparing." The active view quality is fine for what I need and I would like the picture viewer to just match the active view LOD. I also know that I can change the active view LOD to use rendering LOD, but I really want to do the reverse of that. Also, if anyone could give me some idea of what is being rendered when it's "preparing" and could possibly give me advice on how to optimise my scene to avoid that, it would really be helpful. Thanks!
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