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  1. I for one think it can only help to have some sort of graphic design background when working in motion. I've worked with some technically amazing motion people who struggle to lay out a simple line of text correctly. Since a lot of motion work can be text based it really helps to have the basic foundation of type/layout at the core.
  2. The usual agencies won't touch you if you're full time as all their jobs would be for things during the day. Else you're let with the usual - Motionographer and Mandy etc.
  3. I've done one version with flat plane icons. I built the large flat globe in Ilustrator. Then made flat plane icons from them all. Then used a shrinkwrap deformed to get them lined up as best I could against a sphere with UVW wrapped earth shot. This worked OK for continents like Africa and South America but failed for Europe/Russia and North America as the wrapping just wasn't lining up with the globe. Now the client wants slightly extruded icons and different animation so will have to start from scratch. Really racking my brains as the comp will be a monster. EDIT***** Making things overly complicated for myself as per usual. Just made a sphere with loads of segments. Used it as an object cloner (clones onto the vertices). Then used the selection tag apply them to just the land mass. Now I'll just used effectors to randomise the size until I get it 90% right. Then I can make it all editable and fine tune the placement manually.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I think I may have to go half res just to be able to work properly. The screens I'm working on will be part of a large exhibition hall where I 'think' people will be sitting down by a stage. Will have to find out as the size is just ridiculous otherwise.
  5. Interestingly (or not) I'm on a job at the moment where I'm having to animate a 10 min sequence in C4D and AE of which the resolution is 10192 x 1080!!!! The video wall is 50m wide. It's actually 2 x 1920x1080 and 1 x 6352x1080. Going to be a absolute monster to render. I have no idea how the 10192x1080 psd sequence is going to work in AE - workable maybe in 1/4 res only..... Not looking forward to this one... A
  6. Hey there, Thanks for that. I did figure that would be what I needed if I wanted the layout to stay as is on the jpg. Didn't think of the LOD Display tag though so thanks for the suggestion. I need to wrap everything to a sphere though so I'm guessing I'll just have to play around with the Wrap deformer? I always find it a bit fiddly tbh. Any other pointers would be great. Thanks all.
  7. Lowestoft isn't THAT bad but there are plenty of other towns outside London and within commutable distance that are far nicer. Lots os nice places in Kent, Hertfordshire, bits of Surrey. South Coast can be commutable as well pretty much. From what I remember the train line to Lowestoft isn't the fastest either meaning a long commute. Bear in mind the size of the UK - it's small. I doubt you're going to find many if any mograph studios in the area. Most are city based, be it London, Manchester, Bristol etc. Not to say they don't exist in small towns but they're few and far between.
  8. Hi there people, Trying my best to make a globe made out of hundreds/thousands of icons as per the mock up below: I thought about building it using a cloner - loads of clones on an Object (surface). Which kind of works. Problems being it's damn slow and the spacing isn't great (loads of overlapping etc). Whilst the spacing doesn't have to be exactly like the above it is preferable. The map has to form from the icons floating in space as well. I thought of particles but I have no experience of TP. Maybe simple effectors could achieve this? Any other pointers. Would it be worth flattening the map out and drawing it completely in Illustrator first? ?! Thanks people.
  9. Lovely stuff. Really inspiring site and body of work. Kudos.
  10. Edit - Darn it. Can get 50% there but am fast running out of time. Realised I've set things up wrong from the start. Now animating my lights along splines and using Tracer objects to draw the paths..... MUCH easier and suitable. Just realised I can even key the light intensity to adjust particle emission as well which should save me some time.
  11. Thanks so much. Does look easy. Will just have to work how to input that in the Expresso window. About time I had to do some Expresso 101! Thanks again.
  12. Hi people. Sorry to ask but I really need to crack this to finish a job. I have a globe and from one city I have multiple paths shooting out on arcs to other cities. Used a simple spline and a sweep nurbs and keyed the start and end growth. All good. I would like to tie a light onto the front of the trail though so I can bring it into AE and use as a Particular emitter. I can't figure out how to tie/parent the light to the growing sweep nurbs trail. Would I have to use a bit of Expresso? I haven't really delved into that but I'm guessing that's the way and it's pretty simple for someone in the know. Any pointers much much appreciated as I'm tearing my hair out! http://dl.dropbox.co...7/Arc-Light.c4d Thanks people. EDIT: forgot to say - yes I can duplicate the spline and use an Align To Spline but I have so many splines and need the light to sit right on the tip of the shooting trail.
  13. Thanks for the advice. The camera is going to be really tight up on specific sections of the model so I can't see this method holding up to close inspection. But maybe it will. Maybe time to talk someone out of the idea given the time I've previously quoted the job would take.
  14. Hi Dan, that really helps. I'm taking it that I can rotate around and see the displacement unlike a bump map? When you say 1k you're meaning 1000pixels right? I guess I'll shade the map in Photoshop and try to get it as accurate as possible then somehow map it to the face of the model. Any other tips on getting this right really appreciated. Thanks so much so far.
  15. Hi people, Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. Got a client I'm working for for whom I'm doing a logo animation. It's going to be nickel like/metallic with some simple rotates around. Halfway through they've sent me a link to the sort of look they'd like. Obviously at the moment I'm just extruding the logo etc but the example they've sent is more like a photoshop/faked extrude/bevel (see picture). Is there any way to achieve this in 3D other than being some sort of demon modeller with a LOT of time on their hands? I can model to a certain level but this job is really short of time. Any ideas?
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