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  1. Part 1 Application Design Fundamentals.


    So they're probably lumping editors into one category now, and then marketing FCPX to the 100 percent.


    everything wouldve been fine if they had just kept pros and amateurs separate, and rolled it out as iMovie X. the 20 per-centers (pros) would've bitched (like always =) for not having an FCP update. but at least they wouldn't have dropped the apps rating down to two and a half stars (with almost half of the ratings being one star), not to mention the shit storm this has caused for PR. i feel like im in an alternate dimension... this looks like a ballmer/windows kind of blunder



    it really shows how bad this thing has been rolled out, trying to convince people (in a deceptive infomercial way) that they need to buy this thing is bad form... it gets really interesting at about @:50 when he starts talking about all of the 'complicated' issues. if only he knew that things like destructive edits are actually a good thing if you know what you are doing.




    this is exactly my point... there were issues with insurance companies before you had to deal with them. the company i worked for last year had to switch to a different (less awesome) insurance company because they doubled premiums annually* (a cost MOST EMPLOYEES NEVER SEE) and couldn't sustain the trend. we got on a half-ass high deductible plan that isn't like insurance at all.


    this insurance issue is pre-Obama and it's ridiculous to peg him and "socialism" as the cause of freelancers/sole proprieters insurance woes. btw, as much as your buddy mAssimo wants to throw that asshat Beck under the bus, his posts look like they come straight off of Glen's chalkboard.



    i agree with the general sentiment; delete every page past the first one (and half of your original post because it looks like your baiting us)





    * pre-ObamaCare

  4. I'm going to be raising my rates in the next couple of months. Mostly in response to the rising cost of healthcare (and a soon to be double digit increase in premiums for individuals and small businesses in my state),


    ... I thought it would be a good topic to discuss.





    what did you do last year when premiums doubled from the year prior?*























    * pre-"ObamaCare"

  5. I hope to hell that is all a joke. I've decided there is a correlation between your sanity and intelligence and the amount you are swayed by unrelated symbolism.



    whatever C. Smith, it's obvious by your antlered avatar that you serve Baphomet. you must be in on this too ;)


    imo, the power lies in the intent of the symbol not the symbol in and of itself. the author of the article is stretching it a bit, especially that part about p!nk. and he would have us be a world without symbols and ceremony? or only 'christian' symbols and ceremony? a cross as symbol means something different to an egyptian, nazi, chrisitian and a first century roman.


    on the topic of music you need a hook and charisma. and I dont think its as easy to control the masses as we may think. how much prepackaged shit do they churn out that blow up in their faces and how much comes seemingly out of nowhere and changes the atmosphere. now what they do after being discovered may be a different story, trying to live and create in the machine.

  6. Does anyone have a link to a tut that goes over something like the effect seen in this promo?



    It's a sweet effect and I want to replicate it. I can get pretty close in C4D but have questions about the textures, like did they use an external compositing tag and composite the images afterwards in AE, or did they do everything in C4D... my goal would be to use a similar effect, but swap out the pictures/video on a weekly basis to update the spot.


    Thanks for your thoughts or suggestions.






    particularly the last scenes look exactly like a template Ive seen, i'd check those sites.

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