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  1. Thanks for replies. For now I'll stick with wipix dvd and try to squeeze as much of it, as I can.
  2. It's been few weeks since I started learning rigin in c4d and I have to say that's freakin difficult. Mostly due to shortage of quality tutorials. There's lots of "how to rig a basic leg" stuff, but when it comes to good quality training, I mean few hours long "start-to-finish human rig for newbies", there's not a single one on the market. OK, there's a bit outdated WIPIX rabbit rig DVD bundled with c4d r11.5, and vertex pusher's vol3 training, but still there's a lot of things you have to figure out yourself, what I find very frustrating, because IMO riggin isn't something you can learn on-trial-and-erros basis, it's just too complicated. It's also very frustrating, when you look at abdundance of rig-training for other software, especially Maya. There's a video for almost everything! If someone decided do release some really good and informative video on riggin/animating human character, I'd gladly pay even $200 for such DVD (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) I just needed to complain a little bit.
  3. I have a simple, Xpresso driven rig, similiar to the one monkey shown on one of GSG's tutorials. I want this rig to move with a bit of springiness, so I gave it IK tag with dynamics turned on. (i'm running c4d r12) And now comes the tricky (at least for me) part. There's a conflict between Xpresso and IK dynamics and I cant get these two to cooperate. I'd be very thankful If anyone could help mi with this here's the problematic scene
  4. Oh, come on... What is more appealing to a kid who have just stolen c4d from torrents than bouncy balls he can show off his friends? Show some empathy for wannabees
  5. in (very very) short:1. Draw some Particles with TP draw 2. Use TP position follow node and you're done.
  6. kristo

    Reel Music

    I'd like (as hell) to put Slayer on my reel, but I'll end up with electronic track, because it's more neutral to majority of listeners. I don't want my potential client to turn my reel Off just because Tom Araya's singing is too loud for him/her. I know it's opportunism, but my reel is going to win clients (I mean food, mortgage loan and so on) for me --------------------------- edit typos
  7. love this flying insect somewhere around 50th second
  8. kristo

    Shapes in Motion

    you shouldn't stay away from motion graphics
  9. try a layer with fractal noise and mask it witch some decent feather. Then animate this layer. Duplicate if needed. I don't know what level of reaslism you're after, but for some not-so-realistic scenes it works perfectly
  10. I have strong flash background , so my AFX projects are made of precomps, because they're similiar to flash MovieClips. I usually divide animation into smaller chunks, animate each of them and then put together into precomps, then these smaller precomps into bigger precomps and finally my MAIN_COMP looks like bunch of "animation blocks" following each other
  11. If you animate material luminance with GI enabled, set GI mode to IR+QMC full Animation. It takes eternity to render, but "faster" GI modes won't give you good results
  12. Good animation just "flows" - I mean easing, timing, this kind of nuances. All of your animations in the reel have the same issue - movement is not fluid.
  13. kristo


    Thanks for comments and ideas - I'll keep it in mind. I'm fairly new to 3d animation (most of my work is flash coding/animation) and this is my first 3D project of that size and length. I've learned lots of things during production, but as far as I can see, there's much more ahead Once again - thanks.
  14. kristo


    Hello everyone here's my latest animation. Entirely done with Cinema 4D with a tiny bit of AFX where needed. Inspired by terminator 2 liquid metal effect. C&C's are welcome
  15. "L is for Love" is the most famous polish soap opera. I hate that crap, but it's so ubiquitous, that it became a part of polish culture. One day, when I heard it's opening song with it's "L is for Loooovee..." wail, I thought to myself: "Damn it, no 'L is for Love', 'M is for motion'. Now every mographer can have it's favourite soap opera
  16. GOT IT :] first step: draw "stitch path" in Illustrator. second step:copy it third one: paste copied path into solid (in afx) 4th step: add stroke to solid 5th step: create null and paste the same path into it's position Watch out for pixel aspect ratio thanks for hints!
  17. Here's what I do: I have one solid with hand drawn mask (in fact it's an open path) Then I have a null with point Control efect applied. I select all the ondes in a path, copy it, then select Point-contol-> point and paste the mask data into it. Unfortunatelly, it copies whole path (adds a mask to null). The same happens with paint - it copies Paint onto null. Sure, there's something wrong with the way I do it. Could you, please me more specific how to gei it working? Once again - thanks in advance.
  18. Firstly I'd like to say "hello" - bacuse it's my first post here. I'm trying to figure out a way to simulate unstitching in after effects. My first choice was to use paint for drawing lines and play it backwards, so the lines wolud disappear from screen. Next take a beam and connect it to the end of this painted line - so it woluld look like disappearing painted line was somehow connected to something off screen. Unfortunately there's no way to determine current end position of paint effects. My next guess was to use a path with stroke "on transparent" - but again - there's no way to determine current end point, so I can't connect it with beam effect. I was thinking about a script that counts all nodes in path, takes it's positions and feed this data into beam's end property, but so far it's beyond my knowledge (I started learning scripting in AFX, but I see It's a looong way) My third guess was to take a null, animate it by hand, and then feed it's position into beam and write on - but it's a brute force approach, the one I want to avoid. I'd like to automate this task as far as it can be automated. Thank You in advance for any help/ideas/anything on this topic
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