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  1. I have been checking Gumtree and Zoopla regularly. A bit scared with the rent values... but i don't live in a particularly expensive city right now, so maybe i'll just have to get used to London prices... i've been looking for places in the 180-220 a week (1 bedroom, or a studio). But then again, right now i have to concentrate in improve my reel, and early next year we'll see. Regards,
  2. Thanks for the tips! I'll be in London for a week in October. I'll definitely be looking around all those places. Last week a friend told me she is living in Mile End. Not that close to Soho, but i liked what i heard and what i've seen so far, googling the place and navigating Street View. Any opinions on E3? Well, don't know about your personal experiences, but moving to another country is a lot of work. It will be my 4th time... Last was in 2005. At least these days i have more experience and know what to look for in the place i move to. And from this experience, i've learned that choosing the right place (neighborhood) to live can make a HUGE difference. As for my work, i believe i'm right on the edge between being just a motion graphics designer or also a director (i've directed some stuff, including actors). I'm just not sure yet if i'll market both skills or stick to motion graphics at the beginning. Well, let's see. No reason to try to solve problems before they even exist... Right now i just have to sit down, cut my reel, and brush up my C4D skills a little bit more... Regards, and thanks again! PS: Is it me or there are many (more than usual in other places) female motion graphics designers in London?
  3. Hi Chris! I have a reel up, kinda old, (new one coming soon, i hope), i'll send you the link in a private message. Can't really make it public, as the people i work for don't know i'm planning to move, and they might lurk around here... Yes, this is an "alternate" profile... Currently i'm mostly an After Effects guy. Did 3d (3ds Max) also for several years, but haven't touched it in a couple years. Now i'm really trying to commit myself to learn C4D. Shouldn't be hard, as i'm very familiar with 3d workflows and techniques. Just need to find the time and motivation to adapt the knowledge to a new software. I've e-mailed Thiago, from Seenoevil, and he gave me a few precious tips too. Glad to read about the "boom". From the number of positions i've seen available in the last few weeks, i was already feeling there might be something going on... Thanks a lot for your help, i'll send you a pvt message with the link in a few moments... By the way, in October i'll be staying near Paddington Station (that's Bayswater, i believe?). Yes, i know it's expensive like hell. But it's just for a week, so why not? When i move, i'm also inclined to Islington, specially around Angel. But seems a little expensive as well. Maybe i have to search a little more, let's see.
  4. Thank you for the tips! I'll be in London for a week in October, and will try to have a look at the places you mention. And another question for you freelancers in London out there... Are the agencies a good option? I see there are a lot of creative agencies, and they often have Motion Graphics jobs/positions available. But is it worth it? I don't know a lot of people in London, so these agencies look like a good start to get to know studios and people. And, of course, work, and pay the rent... And, of course, if anyone out there in London is looking for a Motion Graphics Designer with 10+ years of experience... Thanks again! Martin
  5. On the anonymity thing: totally agree. I'm an example. This profile is an alternate one. For several reasons, including current/future employers. Don't forget your messages will stay around for years to come. I still stumble now and then with things i posted way back in 1999 in other sites. And boy, do they make me look dumb...
  6. Hi people, I'm seriously considering moving to London (european citizen, no visa problems). I'm a motion graphics designer with 10 years of experience. Most likely, i'll be freelancing there, at least in the beginning. My question is... considering most studios are in the soho area, what would be the best place to live? Sure, i would love to live in Camdem town, Notting Hill or Bayswater, but it's not realistic, as these are not very affordable areas. For someone who'd be working in the soho, which (moderately affordable) areas would you recommend to live? Something that wouldn't break the bank or turn my daily commute a living hell. Ideally, i would love to commute by bike... Thanks! Martin
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