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  1. Thanks AromaKat, much appreciated! [Edit: tried to "like this", but apparently i "have reached my quota of positive votes for the day"... Also, it's the first thing I try to "like". So, err, excuse me mograph.net, for trying to be so positive...]
  2. HuesThere

    Some works

    Muito legal! As everyone else states: great timing & flow! Some design elements in the second piece was a little sub par. E.g. the puzzle pieces (but that's not your design, is it?)...
  3. Hi, I'd love some feedback on my latest reel! - j.
  4. Firstly, thank you so much for lengthy and well founded critique! My original idea was max 2min and with music from a friend of mine. The prior is difficult selectionwise (I´ve seen it a hundred times) and latter is taking its time. I would really rather just start making more stuff to put in there too, just to show off what more I can do, but realize it´s already too long... What shots stand out to you? Worst and best? I´ve worked mostly on commercial stuff, but have an ambition of utilizing the esthetique of advertising within the documentary. So I´ll be applying for a job in with documentary companies aswell. Does this, in your opinion, change anything with said reel? Regards, Jon
  5. Shortly I´ll be seeking a new job and this is my new showreel. Any feedback is welcome! - I´m considering taking out some shots, and making some brand new motion elements. Which shots should I take out? - I would really like som funny ending (like my previous showreel: youtube.com/watch?v=00O6IAegPsI) Any ideas? Can the kids be used as something to make you smile, or is that just wrong considering the lyrics of the music? Again: please do comment!
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