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  1. Ok, So i have played around with the Sound effector a little to try to accomplish what im trying to do with no avail, so looking for a little help if possible. I want to basically have a cube, and have the Luminance Mix Strength in the Luminance channel of a materal, basically be linked to a sound file. So as the voice in a .wav file gets louder, or peaks, I want the mix strength to increse and decrese. Im pretty sure some Xpresso is involved, and while im not a total beginner with C4d or xpresso, i am still very much a newbie. Any help, or even links to tutorials dealing with sound effector would be great! Thanks... using C4D Version 13
  2. Sweetness. I actually took both douwe and Your advice, and now have 2 options! wow thanks a lot that if some good info, and have learned a few things too. Thanks again guys!
  3. wow, and your a Newbie? lol. I actually have played with the formula before but havnt really been able to sort it out. Any Idea on what type of function i could try or where i could find info on them? Reading C4D Help files now, so im TRYING to figure it out, lol. Thanks man!
  4. Ok, so this is probably a very Noob question, but I'm still learning C4D so here goes. I have some piano keys that i want to make into a sort of Wavy effect. So I have made some boxes, put in a cloner, and played around with a random effector to no avail. Here is a screen shot of my setup, and then another pic of what im trying to accomplish. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THanks! And what im trying to do here:
  5. Thanks for the info, I actually allready just redid it correctly and got it sorted out. As you can probably tell, im still learning C4D so a lot of these solutions i was not aware of. THanks though, Just as an FYI, I actually found another way to do it though. I just added a Display Tag, and animated the Viability from 100 to 0%. That worked out except looked like crap because the "normal" non lit up text was occupying the exact same space that the letter beneath it so got some weird issues, but no biggie, either was i just redid it correctly! Thanks for the info though!
  6. hey thanks man, that helps for future stuff, good looking out! Also to J Mon, thanks also! Yes i meant that i allready rendered a pass with the lit up materials.... Doh' Peace!
  7. Thanks for the info from both of you. I would love to set up User Data that drives each material with Xpresso, but sadly.. that's over my head at this point, lol. The real problem is that I basically rendered out a few different camera moves at very high settings that took FOREVER, with the "illuminated" materials already applied, and so now trying to basically set up the "normal" materials animating as each letter "lights up". So.... Not sure I can work in a reverse workflow. Here is a Screen shot of kinda what im talking about, that may clarify what im wanting to do. The letter "C" in this screen shot has the "normal" non lit up mat, so wanting to see if there a way to just fade out that normal mat, and "reveal" the first illuminated mat underneath i guess? Like I said, i know i could just start with the normal mat, and keyframe the Luminance as it "lights up" and the color changing, and the reflection etc... but i have multiple words with multiple letters and have already setup the lit up mats, and rendered them as a cam flys around... so trying to save some time if possible. Thanks again for the input though!!!! P.s. Davor... I think im understanding what your saying that if i had a "layer" then i can keyframe the visibility, but when i tried that, becuase i allready have the materials setup, when i try to add a "layer" it changes the material, and it looks like it loses it luminosity. I also dont see where i could add the illumination part in the "layer". I see the option to add color, gradient, etc... but not seeing where i can add the luminance to that "layer". Cool Idea though, That taught me somthing right there so thanks!
  8. Hey all you smart people out there! I was wondering if there is an easy way to have a material "fade" out to show another material underneath in C4D. Im using version 12. Basically I have a word, and each letter in the word has a mat with luminance applied. Each letter has a differernt amount of Illumination/GI strength and also a little bit different color. So i want To have a kinda standard metal material, and then have that fade out to revel the Luminous material underneath. Normally i would just animate/key frame each property (luminance, color, reflection) to animate the material as i want, but in this case each letter is going to be a little different so don't want to have to animate each letter. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Right on man, thanks for the help guys. Im actually still having some issues, but i found a workaround. So ill play with it more. The problem with what you suggested, is that when i put a tag on the cube, it immediately Drops out of of the scene. So, this give me some info and i appreciate it, but i have a lot of playing around and learning to do. Thanks!!
  10. Thanks for the info. I tried that and strangely the glass pieces are still falling through the plane. If i put the plane in the same null that includes the glass sheet and the Explosion FX, then that plane Breaks also i think because of the explosion FX is also affecting it. Maybe this will help??? Thanks
  11. Hey, I have a little animation in C4D where i have a rock dropping and hitting a piece of glass that breaks. The Glass sheet and an explosion FX are inside a cloner object, and that has a rigid body tag. The "rock" is also inside a cloner and also has a rigid body tag. So all is good, the rock falls and breaks the glass (timed it with the explosion fx). But what if i wanted another object behind/under the glass, that the glass pieces would bounce off and so they dont just fall out of the scene? Ive tried a combo of Many different options, but not working out for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
  12. Hello, did another search but didnt see specifically what I needed, so thought id ask real quick. I have an object (actually a mograph Text object) and Im cutting out some pieces of that text object. All is going relatively well, but when I cut out a piece, then the Inner edges of my Text object are very sharp. I Tried to use the edge (loop) selection to select the edge of what I had booled out and then try to bevel it, but to no avail. I remember seeing a tutorial where you could "add Weighting" to the edges to smooth them out? Im not sure if I need to make my object editable or what, but if anyone could get me some info on how to bevel/smooth/cap the inner edges of what I have cut out of my object that would be fantabulous! Edited this to clarify that im using Cinema 4D. In fact.. im not sure is this site JUST a C4D board, or all motion graphics/3d packages???
  13. Good Stuff, thanks! I think i understand what you mean, but need to play around with it. I did bezoing said and animated a null with a cam as a child, on my spline and, wow! It worked like a charm! Now just need to keyframe the null rotaion etc and im good to go. Thanks for the info guys! Ive messed around with like 3dsmax and other packages, but it seems so much easier and intuitive in C4D.
  14. Thanks, but I am pretty new to C4D, so can you clarify what you mean by an up vector?
  15. Beautimus!!! Thanks man for the quick and concise response. Im new around here, but digging the site, and allready learning a lot! Oh.. quick question.... Do you think this is a good way to animate a camera for more complex move that involve twists and turns? Obviously a little new to C4D and trying to learn as much as possible, but any other ideas for a more complex camera move would be big help! Thanks Again!
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