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    Just a guy who geeked out to photoshop back before it had layers. Nowadays I am fortunate enough to be paid to be a motion designer. Started entry level with cinema advertising, was a Senior Designer for national broadcast production house and now an Art Director helping develop a creative department. Just here to keep the skills in check, learn a new trick here and there and give back where I can.<br /> <br /> Oh yeah and the screen name isn't an egomaniac thing. It's nickname given to me by buds which has evolved to a rather fun drinking game. Name a Chun pun (chuns of steel, chun of a bitch, weighing op-chuns, girls just wanna have...) or take a drink, good times <img src='http://mograph.net/board/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  1. Teach me? Amazing work! Always been a fan of One Size.
  2. Absolutely great work! There was one piece that I thought wasn't as strong as the rest of the gorgeous work you included, and that was the explosion composite at :45-ish, the Spatial Fetishist? All of your work looked well thought out and executed beautifully, that one spot to me just didn't seem to match the rest as far as quality goes. Not saying it s a bad piece at all, but that one took me out of the experience a little. I'm also a newbie around here so take my opinion any way you like. Everything else looked incredible to me.
  3. It definitely helps Hype! What I need to strengthen my look and finish is absolutely the feedback I was looking for. Are there specific sequences where the typography is really bad that I can address perhaps? I really only took about 15 min on my intro and I think it is showing. With the feedback I have gotten on the audio I am thinking of ditching the entire reel treatment and going with a new more concise collection. Stayed tuned and thanks again! Thanks for the input Javin. If this song existed as an instrumental I would be all about it. Unfortunately I don't think it does so along with a new intro I am also thinking new song. I definitely appreciate the feedback!
  4. I like the mograph intro and the camera track on the tomato vine. Love the cell shade sleep sequence too! The pizza felt like it was on screen for a bit much as the movement stops for a bit, it may not be that important to get the logo. I also felt that the "smart review" design and motion didn't match the quality of the rest of the work.
  5. Just to reiterate Binky's comments. An intro and close will help the overall presentation and even tough you are only a little over a minute in time, you are on a few of the shots a little too long. I like your cartoon work but feel your motion graphics design work can be refined a little. Also, the song fading out at the end, and none of the motion or edit really accompanying the music, to me makes it all seem slapped together. Now, I am a newbie to these forums and right now my reel has been scrutinized for my use of audio as well so you can put whatever value to my comments that you like. Just giving feedback
  6. Thanks for the input stoiqa. The song has become a pretty consistent issue. At this point something worth revisiting. I said it up top, hear it once, take it under advisement. Hear it 3 times, that's a good indication for adjustment.
  7. Thanks for the reply C-FU. I hear you entirely concerning cutting down the content. I am actually open to someone else taking a stab at chopping it up to see if it has better impact. But for the most part, everything in there I like and I think represents me well. Granted some of it may represent me as a complete hack or amateur, but they are images that I like to look at myself. So it will be a big struggle for me to drop some of the projects completely. But if it has to be done then it has to be done. What are a few of the items that would be better served towards the beginning of the reel?
  8. I'm not going to ask for feedback and over defend the work nor argue the feedback given. I read "not strong enough visuals to get passed song lyrics". I appreciate the feedback. If there is anything you would suggest to strengthen the design or animation regardless of accompanying audio I would appreciate hearing it.
  9. Trione, I can definitely see your take on the name plate. It was what I probably spent the very least amount of time on and I guess it shows. Because I really wanted to stick to the melody and rhythm of the song I chose I kept the 10 sec length, I can try to make it more dynamic to cary the audience through. Thanks for the input. Binky, if my work can't get the audience passed that song then I perceive that as my work is in strong enough. Which is solid feedback. Another song sans lyrics won't make my work stronger. For instance I get the feeling that if you had watched the reel with the song muted that the work wouldn't do anything different for you. Any suggestions on the design or animation work to improve the visuals? As for the "whining", it was an observation... take that as you will.
  10. Over 700 views and 3 responses. I think I officially have to give up.
  11. Good looking stuff and great diversity of styles. I think perhaps you were on the Trader sequence a bit long but other than that I liked it overall.
  12. Gorgeous piece of work. It isn't a conventional reel but I don't think you have to dismiss it from being one. Prospective employers will still take notice of the quality of work that went into this and you've taken another approach to the montage and made a well thought out abstract experience. What it doesn't represent immediately is the resume of work or project design specifics; so perhaps you can zoom in closer to the screen that you did show off your commercial work at 1:45, and let it linger there more so your audience can take in those projects as well. Considering the environment in which that screen lives I understand the magnitude of reanimating your camera. But it might be worth a revisit or just cutting to a sequence where the comp camera is up close to the tv monitor showing off your past work. Also, and this is just personal opinion, I am personally not a fan of feathered masks drawing on growing elements, so when the tree is drawn on within the picture frame at 1:30, the effect bothered me a little. Once agin this is just opinion and if you like it then by all means disregard my statement. I would have preferred a more organic draw on.
  13. Sweet some feedback. I definitely see what you mean with the lightwave. I had just done it for some show visuals and I thought I would try to see how it went in the reel. Which is not exactly the case to keep it in. I'll try to get the compression down as well, thanks for the response! EDIT: Reel has been added to Vimeo. http://www.vimeo.com/12408528
  14. 610 views and 2 responses.... really? Is it because people don't want to say anything bad about the work? Newbie status here, if you can't give feedback here in the forum then what's the point?
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