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  1. Have you considered doing a rigid dynamics tag with "follow position/rotation" set to a low value ….you might be able to get the collisions you want but let the expresso or manual animation drive the turning etc….(just a thought).
  2. I'm not quite sure I understand the issue/question. What's supposed to happen when they connect together….do they both continue to rotate? at the speed of the purple one? ….or are they supposed to lockup and stop? How would it work in the real world?
  3. Check out MC Yogi's breath control video
  4. look into the line distortion in the material editor...and consider rendering the animation at 12 fps or something... also, remember you can add more than one material to objects (for the fill color to not meet perfectly with the edge lines)... ...and also, in after effects, you can add a wiggle effect for just a little imperfectness.....and control fps with time posterize.
  5. Yes, that is the work around for this situation. But, there IS a serious need for more "even distribution" options for the random effector in C4D....(think about how it works in space) IMHO.
  6. This is definitely possible to do. There are a few ways you could go about it. One way is to separate the video into the different screen segments in after effects or something.... but I'd probably look into using a projection mapping texture. You can use camera mapping to project one image across all the TV screens, but it won't show you the image that is in between the TV screens.... so I think I would just create a texture with the video as the image that I want to use and position it how I like for each screen.... since there is so much space in between each screen Hopefully this makes sense?
  7. I don't know the best way... But it seems you might be able to use cappuccino to help with this... I think I remember a smoothing functiOn... Would take some figuring out.... Probably a better way
  8. haha...it's gotten me a couple of times...glad to help
  9. double check frame rates
  10. What kind of system are you on?
  11. YEp seems it's probably the plugin that comes with c4d that needs to be installed into AE. Also, I check all the boxes in the compositing project file dialog.
  12. I agree with florio. But why are you screen-capturing to make your reel? The only other thing I would add is that Premiere now has the ability to use many different types of media in one timeline and you can export from after effects directly to it in a few different ways (and vice versa) .... more and more I find myself wanting to use it over FCP.
  13. I thought Lynda.com was pretty good....a friend gave me the tuts and I watched them all at 2x speed...over a weekend...gave me a good foundation on what c4d can do....then, greyscale gorilla, cineversity, robert leger, the pixel lab, youtube, c4dcafe, vimeo etc....to look up specific things....or just watch videos all the time always learning more.
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