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  1. I use squeezeme.tv to keep track of a bunch of motion graphics sites. It's pretty good. I really wish there was a site that had more critical analysis of motion graphics work. I personally have no trouble finding cool work. I would like to see a site where other professionals dissect high end work.
  2. This looks very powerful. I like that you can import your own 3D elements.
  3. Trione


    The mograph made it a better story. It enhances the viewers understanding of the character. In the case of Stranger Than Fiction, I think arguing that the mograph didn't improve the story is a lot like arguing that costuming and set design don't improve a story.
  4. Trione


    I totally disagree. The motion graphics were a huge part of Will Ferrell's character. They were used as a method to show the workings of his mind, and emphasize his dull routine. The reason that motion graphics aren't present through the whole movie is because the character changes. They start to disappear as he begins to live a richer life.
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    Thanks, Monovich. I feel a lot more satisfied with the name.
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    I think Monovich best summed up my reasons for choosing a moniker. Thanks, everyone. I'm glad to hear that my moniker doesn't make me sound like a bastard. I'm going to work on using imagery in my reel and homepage to further communicate the joke. Thanks again.
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    That makes sense. Thanks, Binky.
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    Binky said something recently in another thread that really got me thinking. I thought I would start a new thread instead of hijacking another. I was wondering if it's possible to take a name that is a claim like my website, Damn Fine Work, and brand it so that I don't seem like a bastard? When I chose the name I was trying to embrace a blue collar vibe. The name reminded me of those old guys who answer the phone saying, "How the hell are you?". The name was chosen to be a goal, not necessarily a claim. I've kind of tried to use some language in my about section to get that across, but does anyone even really look at that part of a website? Thanks, Trione
  9. That's awesome! Great advice as usual, Binky! I guess I better start looking for a new name too!
  10. I'm not sure it really matters. I think this industry is more focused on what experience you have, not how you acquired it. The reel is more important than the resume. I also don't think that you have to spend a certain amount of time at a company before moving on. You just don't want to burn your bridges as you move on. So make sure that you don't screw over your old company before moving on.
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    I actually hardly use twitter. I mostly use facebook because more of my friends use it. For some reason I have two twitter accounts: @damnfinework @billybobmuseum I created the second one to tell people when my new comics are up.
  12. I don't agree that what GSG did was plagiarism. I think that releasing tutorials based on current/relevant motion graphics raises the bar for all of us. You can either get frustrated and complain or you can get to work.
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    You should search the forum. Here's a of couple threads you could check out. http://mograph.net/b...ndpost&p=192711 http://mograph.net/b...ndpost&p=180341
  14. I know what you guys mean. My last name has always been mispronounced. However, I do mainly go by my given name. I usually introduce myself as Robby and mumble the last name. I did choose to use a different name for my website. I wanted to go with something catchy and memorable. At first I was using brain farm production, but some bigger studio eventually took that name so I am now using damn fine work. I like this new website name, but I feel like I need to figure out a way to brand it so that I don't come across as a cocky bastard.
  15. I just came across these two articles about design rules. This first one is about modernism and was written by Michael Bierut: http://observatory.designobserver.com/entry.html?entry=24558 Andy Chen wrote this article as a response to Bierut's article: http://observatory.designobserver.com/entry.html?entry=25138 These articles represent seem interesting views. Bierut seems to say that you have to know the rules before you break the rules. Chen's views seemed to be summed up best by the Neville Brody quote that he chooses to end his article with. “Andy, there are no rules. You have to make your own rules.”
  16. ...Or you could bring the fight to an arena and sell tickets, concessions, and other assorted merchandise. Lots of potential for cash money.
  17. Awesome thread! It's great to see an in-depth analysis like this. It seems like most reel critiques offer the same laundry list of advice. I'm definitely going to refer to these critiques to improve my work and my future critiques.
  18. I don't think the people responsible for hiring will agree with your logic.
  19. I'm pretty sure Nick said that you could swap out or add custom building in his demo for this.
  20. The music doesn't work with the edit. It's kind of disorienting. It felt like you edited you're reel with a different song and then decided to replace it.
  21. You could use a combination of scripts. You could break the text apart with this: http://aescripts.com/decomposetext/ Then you could select every other character with this script:http://aescripts.com/nth-layer-selector/
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    Michael Jackson's Black or White
  23. I came across this today: http://www.designersandbooks.com/ This looks pretty cool. It's books that inspired different designers. Not all of the books are design related.
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