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  1. Need to make multiple versions of a scene for an indecisive client? Need different variations of a shot for different channel idents? Takes to the rescue!
  2. Figured I'd post some of the new stuff up here! Mograph specific videos at the top, more generic (but still useful for mograph, promise!) videos at the bottom. Changing mograph materials: Beginner video on how to do 3D logos Using the take system to make multiple versions of a project for picky clients: And lastly how to set C4D up to work faster and be less annoying:
  3. Well generally just mostly busy Janine is off raising a family and enjoying life; I've been getting pretty heavily into theatre productions doing animated background projections (Go check out Charlie and the chocolate factory if you're in London) But I've found myself with a bit of spare time and an itch to make a new video. We're currently looking into new ways to make and distribute videos, currently looking into youtube and vimeo pay per view stuff; wondering if its possible to make money selling them for a dollar each and going for volume...
  4. Its a bit rough but I figured some people would appreciate a quick crash course on C4D considering it now comes with AE
  5. Im offering 1-2 days of professional C4D training to 1-2 people around the London area (st albans to be precise). I do this for a living, have released training dvds, written 3D world tutorials and worked on the original c4d tutorial manuals, and have done for a few years now, so Im happy to teach from any experience level. Im offering 1-2 days either here at my home studio or im happy to travel 50 miles or so if you would prefer to do it somewhere else. You dont have to own the software yet, Im happy to teach with my copy if youre interested in getting into it. The catch? You have to teach me AE ;-) I can vaguely bumble my way through the app, I can load in footage, cut it, change mix modes, apply some effects or colour correction, but other than that im just guessing at most buttons and half the interface widgets mean nothing to me. You dont have to have taught before, all I ask is that you are fully confident with the app and have some reasonable work to show me. If I point to a button or icon on the screen in the default interface, I would expect you to know what most of them do. Anyone interested, reply here or mail me, mash at 3dfluff.com